Detox & Rejuvenate Bali
March 2023

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YoVeg! Mediterranean Yoga Holiday Spain May 2023

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New Life Spiritual Immersion
India January 2023

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Upcoming Yoga Retreats

Spain Retreat

7 days to unwind & re-energise, sample delicious dishes and find new inspiration.

This yoga retreat has limited availability (both dates already 30% booked) and will sell out so BOOK TODAY to reserve your space!

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Bali Retreat

Detox & Rejuvenate in 7 days even if you have a busy mind and life!

This yoga retreat has limited availability 8 participants ONLY (already 30% booked) and will sell out so BOOK TODAY to reserve your space!

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India Retreat

Live The Best Year Of Your Life In 7 Days Even If You Suck At New Years Resolutions!

This yoga retreat has limited availability and will sell out so BOOK TODAY to reserve your space!

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Travel the world with yoga and meditation.

At Complete Unity Yoga, we specialise in enriching lives with the best yoga meditation retreats in beautiful locations around the world.

We will guide you through every step of this journey to make it as enriching for you as it can be. Right from your first enquiry to coming back and opening the doors to an all-new life, you will have our back throughout the retreat.

Our yoga retreat philosophy:  Certified experienced teachers, beautiful locations, delicious nourishing plant-based food, transformation based philosophy, learning and lifestyle, Ayurveda, community, and culture are all that you need to breathe, smile, relax and enjoy.

Our philosophy is based on giving you a break from monotony to help you experience and infuse peace in your life.

Book our New Year retreats online to rejuvenate and see life from an all-new lens!

An array of options to choose from

If you always wanted to travel to Europe, there would be no better way than to combine it with the benefits of yoga and meditation. When you book our New Year yoga retreat online, you get a welcome message that guides you about what to do next.

We firmly believe that every person is different and has their own set of expectations and goals. Celebrate your individuality and let your spirit loose with what suits you the best.

Our Upcoming Yoga Retreats

Here are some of the most exotic destinations we have come up with after years of research. Soothe your mind and body and get a life-changing experience with the following retreats-

Detox and Rejuvenate Yoga and Meditation Retreat- Bali - March 2023

Deep cleanse your body and soul with our 3-level detox during yoga meditation holidays in Bali. Wake up to the sounds of wildlife that you have always aspired to and let yourself free in Bali, the land of water temples, mystical mountains, mesmerizing beaches, and amazing food.

YoVeg! Mediterranean Vegan Yoga Holiday in Europe - Spain May 2023

Enriching walk in the sunny weather, swimming in the freshness of the soothing sea, a beachside villa with a stunning view, and inspirational workshops are among the loads of highlights that make it one of the best retreats in Europe. This holiday in Europe is all things refreshing and is sure to give you an experience for a lifetime!

New Life Spiritual Immersion Yoga Retreat-India - January 2023

Feel the Himalayan breeze on your skin and wake up to the sweet melodies of temples and the holy Ganges in India, the birth-giving land of yoga. Get a chance to explore the world-famous cultures, enrich your body with authentic Ayurvedic massage, treat your taste buds to the locally grown delicacies and walk in the local streets to channelize your inner energy and get ready to kick back!