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Yoga Mat Bags

Stylish Yoga Mat Bags to Kick Start Your Day

There is nothing like yoga to make you feel healthy and energetic all day long. Whether you are at home or on holiday, no more excuses to miss your practice! With the right company, you’ll be all equipped! Our yoga mat bags will make the discipline an inevitable part of your daily regime to transform your life.

If carrying your yoga mat has always been a concern, welcome the good days where you don’t need to worry about it any more. Complete Unity Yoga’s mat bags will keep your essentials organized in one place. Now no more need to rush to your class with a heap of things in your hand that keeps on slipping. Just take your bag wherever you go to keep the essentials organized.

Find Everything You Need At One Place

Ensure that the things you need are handy so that when you need them, they are easily accessible. The spacious bag has ample space to keep your towel and water bottle, so you don’t feel worn-out and dehydrated after intense exercise. Not only this, the bag has a pocket inside to accommodate your phone, wallet, notebook, or eye pillow to ascertain that you have adequate capacity to carry all you need.

Say goodbye to the discomfort caused by sweat and clothes sticking all over your body. Just slip in an additional pair of clothes so that by the end of the yoga class, when you feel sweaty, you can quickly change over. This will not only make your session all the more elevating but ensure that your post-exercise time is free from uneasiness, and you go back home feeling fresh and rejuvenated.

Make Your Yoga Sessions Exciting

The best thing about our playful bag is that they have an element of fun. When you pack your essentials in it and carry it on your shoulder, you experience a feeling of leaving for an all-new adventure. This will make you fall in love with the ancient practice all the more besides helping you relax physically and mentally. Our bags are sure to make yoga that time of the day you’ll eagerly wait for!

We believe that the smallest things you use are a reflection of your identity. Your life, you get to choose! Pick from our selected range of designs that are sure to steal your heart with their simplicity. A classic look at the outside, the inner lining comes with a twist of retro, natural, and other subtle prints. Take pride in contributing your share in protecting the environment by using our bags created using sustainable fabric.

When you buy a mat bag from us, it is a promise of quality and will be your companion for years to come. Go through our range of yoga mat bags to get the most of style and utility. You are sure to fall for their sheer elegance, playful vibe, and utility that will motivate you to hit the floor!



Let your yoga mat breathe, especially when you work a sweat on to it. Wiping your yoga mat with a damp cloth after each yoga class is good though not essential. 

To clean your yoga mat: wipe your yoga mat with a gentle diluted vinegar or lemon warm water solution. This will help to remove any build up of dirt and oils refreshing it ready for your next yoga session.

A 4mm yoga mat is the best yoga mat thickness for most people practicing yoga at home or in the yoga studio. If you would prefer a lightweight yoga mat or if you travel often a 2mm travel yoga mat will be the best yoga mat thickness.

You could say we’re crazy or just yogis head over heels in love with yoga.

Honestly we’ve tried every yoga mat under the sun and nothing beats a non-slip, rubber, jute yoga mat like the Sustainable Non-Slip Jute Yoga Mat CompleteGrip™ 4mm or the Sustainable Non-Slip Jute Travel Yoga Mat CompleteGrip™ 2mm.

All of our yoga mats are easy to use and for all styles and levels of yoga. They are an excellent choice for beginners, people new to yoga, yoga teachers and advanced yogis. These yoga mats will support your evolving yoga journey from beginner to advanced and beyond.

Check out our Ultimate CompleteGrip™ Beginner Yoga Set a complete yoga kit for beginners with everything you need to get started.