Bulk Buy Sustainable Yoga Mats | Wholesale Yoga Mats

Bulk Buy Sustainable Yoga Mats | Wholesale Yoga Mats

Wholesale Bulk Buy Yoga Mats & Yoga Equipment

Complete Unity Yoga bulk buy wholesale discounts are here to help you supply your students, clients and customers with premium sustainable yoga & meditation equipment. Complete Unity Yoga products are loved by yoga teacher and yogis worldwide. Our bestselling sustainable non-slip yoga mat has been featured in VOGUE & The Guardian Green & Ethical Checklist. 

★★★★★ “Brilliant product and customer service! Best yoga mat I have owned and I have bought quite a few! Great quality and super anti-slip! My yoga practice has improved significantly since purchasing this mat, also speedy delivery and great company ethos! Would recommend.” - Hannah L. Complete Unity Yoga Customer

How Does Wholesale Bulk Buy Yoga Mats & Yoga Accessories Work?

We offer bulk buy/wholesale discounts for yoga teachers, yoga studios, retreat centres, high street shops, online stores, department stores, distributors etc

Get our popular bestselling yoga mats and yoga accessories at a bulk buy wholesale discount today. We offer bulk buy discounts for Yoga Mats, Yoga Blocks, Yoga Blankets, Yoga Bolsters, Eye Pillows, Meditation Cushions and more.

Bulk Buy Yoga Wholesale Review 

★★★★★ "I have tried few different brands of meditation cushions before I bought these ones. My 2nd order was just a few days after the first order of 18 cushions. I liked them so much so I bought them for my studio. Complete Unity Yoga is super friendly and helpful. What more would I want to have! A very happy customer! I highly recommend the cushions and I wish you will enjoy it too!" –Uyen Complete Unity Yoga Wholesale Customer 

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4mm is best and most common yoga mat thickness used in yoga studios. Yoga mats vary in density so by choosing to bulk buy a high quality non-slip yoga mat like the CompleteGrip™ Yoga Mat you can be certain that your students will enjoy your classes to the full.

When teaching yoga it's important to have a selection of yoga mats and yoga props to help support students of all abilities. Some students will have their own yoga mats however beginners and people new to yoga often won't have their own yoga mat. It's recommended that you provide yoga mats, yoga blocks and yoga straps at a minimum. If you teach Restorative Yoga or Yin Yoga you will also need a selection of yoga blankets, yoga bolsters and some extra yoga blocks. If you plan to teach meditation you will need meditation cushions. These are all available to bulk buy at wholesale discounts.

We recommend blending a gentle natural diluted vinegar or lemon warm water solution to clean your yoga mats. This will help to remove any build up of dirt and oils refreshing it ready for the next yoga session.