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To supply your students and customers with the best products is hard work. We will support you in accomplishing this mission by welcoming you to become one of our awesome retailers/distributors of:

Innovative, eco-friendly, stylish and generally awesome Yoga and Meditation Equipment from Complete Unity Yoga.
Our wholesale pricing is available to Shops, Online Stores, Department Stores, Distributors, Yoga Teachers, Yoga Studios and Retreat Centres.
Testimonial:" I have tried few different brands of meditation cushions before I bought these ones. My 2nd order was just a few days after the first order of 18 cushions. I liked them so much so I bought them for my studio (I am teaching yoga and meditation at Uyen Yoga & Meditation in Ascot, UK), my family and for my friends. They are super great for personal use as well as a present for my beloved one. I use this little ‘friend’ indoor and outdoor too. Complete Unity Yoga is super friendly and helpful. What more would I want to have! A very happy customer! I highly recommend the cushions and I wish you will enjoy it too! Uyen x"
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