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8 products

8 products

Amplify the Benefits of Meditation with Our Meditation Cushions

A comfortable posture and a straight spine play a crucial role in determining the effectiveness of your meditation practice and are vital to ensure a balanced and peaceful mind, and healthy body. Attain the perfect position easily with our crescent meditation cushions designed by our team of teachers and with some of the world's best material engineers.

We are so certain that you will fall for these pillows that we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee policy, and 10-year warranty. When you invest in our beautiful pillows, you make your meditation all the more rewarding.

Focus On Meditation, Not Your Posture!

Forgetting all that is in your mind and sitting calmly to meditate for a while has become an increasingly difficult task in the hustle-bustle of the modern life. Channel your vitality to bring your mind and body at ease and get ready to improve how you accomplish your chores.

Our crescent meditation cushions are designed in such a way that they lift your pelvis helping you sit straight — no need to sit on uncomfortable chairs or the floor trying to perfect your posture. You don’t need to focus your energy on sitting in the right way but on relaxing your mind and body. With these pillows, meditating in an ideal way would never be trouble again!

If you are scrounging the Internet for the best zafu meditation cushions in the UK, you don’t need to exert yourself by searching further in vain. Complete Unity Yoga‘s ergonomic cushions are a promise of quality and comfort. Many people suffer from leg and knee pains, which these products can help with. Reduced pressure on the joints makes sitting much more comfortable, where before it may have been difficult or painful while seated.

Stylish and Eco-Friendly- Just the Way It Should Be!

Add a personal touch to your practice by choosing your favourite style among our beautiful prints. Pick from our Cotton and Buckwheat filling that provides medium and high firmness, respectively. Whether you wish to keep it subtle, add a dash of natural elements with our floral designs or like to keep it simple with the classic natural style, we have it all! Combine it with our premium eye pillows to take your relaxation experience to an all-new level.

A keen admirer of yoga? You will love our smartly designed yoga cushions which have been perfected over the years. No complicated care regime and cumbersome cleaning procedures! You can easily wash the cushion cover in a washing machine. Whether you want to meditate indoors or in the lap of nature, the carry handle ensures that you invest your time in meditating. Being compact and light in weight, you can easily slip it in your yoga mat bag.

If you are looking for the best meditation cushions in the UK, check out our 2020 collection, pick your favourite one from our carefully crafted range that exemplifies quality and design! Whether you're a novice at a beginner skill level, or an expert, our cushions are for you. These are great for everyone, from children to elderly, it's a superb choice regardless.

At Complete Unity Yoga, we love the earth and do all that we can to return the favour of the beautiful gifts that nature gives us.  For every order you place, we plant 5 trees so together we can do our bit for our planet!

Check out all the products we have for sale, we're sure you'll find what you need and that it doesn't cost the earth. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions about our cushions.