Awesome Yoga Strap - Fossil Grey - Complete Unity Yoga
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Awesome Yoga Strap - Fossil Grey

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Could you use a few extra long arms in your day to day life? We have the solution here - at least when it comes to your yoga practice.

Let go of the stress of not being able to reach your toes, this strap will add length and kindness to your practice - soon after practising yoga with this yoga strap you will be able to reach all the things you need! Yoga and meditation is the practice of elegantly, efficiently and skillfully move, breathe and move towards your deepest urges. With this strap, you have an opportunity to make the impossible possible.

With years of practice, each member and expert of our team acknowledge and adore the value of this Awesome Yoga Strap. Add space, breath, length, softness, strength joy and calmness to your practice today with this awesome yoga strap.

Laying on the floor with the strap softly placed around the sole of your foot, gently holding the end of the straps, you feel the length and space created at the back of your leg. It’s yummy! Or standing with feet little wider than hip-width apart holding the strap with both hands behind your back, inhaling and letting the arms reach away from you to then exhale, still letting the arms reach away from you towards the sky while folding forward - your body will thank you!

The straps a made of 100% cotton.

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