The Yoga We Teach

Find Your True Nature With
Complete Unity Yoga

We teach a holistic yoga practice that draws on the entire aspect of the vast yoga
tradition to invite health, balance, equanimity, joy and contentment.
Each class is carefully designed to incorporate Asana, Pranayama, Relaxation, Meditation,
Mantras, Mudras, Bandhas, Kriyas and Philosophy as well as all directional movements of the
spinal column and all bodily stations.
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Mindful Akhanda Flow Class

In this class, we explore the breath and its fluidity.  Our practice takes a liquid form moving
smoothly through each posture and the different stations, rising to a peak, creating heat and
intensity finishing by melting back into an infinite space of dynamic stillness and relaxation.


Classical Akhanda Class

A classical Hatha Akhanda class. In this class, we work with our body and mind in every
posture. Creating a sense of contentment and drawing nourishment from the present


Yin Yoga Class

Yin Yoga is a practice that slows us down so we stand stronger. In this class we move slower
through our asanas, holding the postures longer to keep the mind and body cool and calm.
Yin Yoga benefits the deeper tissues, ligaments, joints, fascia and bones.


Hatha Raja Yoga Class

A beautiful practice where space and sound come together. In this class, we use simple
asanas and apply Brahmeree Sound during each posture. Sound has the power to change,
and it is exactly this quality we benefit from in this practice.


Yoga Nidra Class

Yoga Nidra is a tool to completely relax, release and restore. In this class, we begin with a
short sequence of asanas to get moving and blood circulating. Then transitioning smoothly
to Savasana, relaxation pose, where we will guide you through a deeply rejuvenating and
nourishing meditation practice



Classical Kundalini Yoga Class

In this class, we use sound, breath, movements, and meditation to reveal the power of our
energetic body. 

This is a unique and fun practice, that balances both hemispheres of our brain, Ida and
Pingalar Nadies, female and male energy. We work through the seven main energy centres
called chakras to boost the creative energy and find stability.


The Five Koshas Class

This class is based on the anatomy of our body seen from a Yogic perspective. Of course
 anatomy is here, but surprisingly, this vast creation of bones, veins organs and all
physiological systems is only a small part of our existence. There are five layers to be
studied and experienced in this class.


The Five Elements Class

Our physical body is made up of five elements; earth, water, fire, air and ether.  In this class
, we investigate to understand these five elements and how they relate to our body.  A happy
healthy body gives us the opportunity to skilfully perform our dharmas.


The Five Pranas Class

Prana is the essence of the air that keeps us alive. With every breath we receive oxygen and
Prana. Without Prana life as we know it would simply not exist. In this class we travel with
our in breath and watch it split into its five subtle aspects which make our body function.


Chakras Balancing Class

Chakras are powerful energy centres. In this class we work on the seven main chakras
located along our spine. Using specific asanas for each chakra to find and create balance
and equanimity.


Restorative Yoga Class

In this class we use props, blankets and cushions to find ultimate comfort in each posture.
Restorative yoga is a practice working on deep relaxation. We hold postures for five to fifteen
minutes to soothe, rejuvenate and soften every muscle, bone and organ.


Back Care Yoga Class

This is a classical Akhanda yoga class and is designed like any other class, with care and
safety for the individual’s physical and mental health. Although in this class we have chosen
adaptations to soothe, strengthen and stretch the back, the class provides you with
information and ideas of how to maintain a healthy back, to prevent back issues and live in
harmony with already existing back issues.