Manoj Koeri, Incredible India Retreat 2016. Complete Unity Yoga Review

Manoj Koeri
Vegan Cafe Manager

"Coming to India with Will and Malene was one of the best decisions I have made in my life,
and I am truly blessed to have spent 10 days in their company and have them in my life.

It was an honour for me to attend Will and Malene’s inaugural “Incredible India” retreat in
September 2016. At the time, I had only just started out on the yogic path and I was
apprehensive about making the journey. However, all my fears were alleviated as soon as I
reached out to Will, and received first contact from him. Will and Malene had really thought
of everything, right down to the last detail. All I had to do was book my plane ticket and go!

Will and Malene have an encyclopaedic knowledge of Rishikesh and showed us places and
spots we may had never discovered of we had traveled alone!

Will is very calm, methodical and focused, whereas Malene is playful and keeps you smiling!
All aspects that are important to yoga." 



yogrishi viskvketu - Akhanda Yoga Founder
Himalayan Yoga Master
Founder of Akhanda Yoga


"Malene Vedel (Ganga Mukti) and Will Fisher (Ganga Dhar) are beautiful sadhakas and very
sincere in Yoga practice. I am proud of them both. They have done one year of very intense
sadhana (practice) at Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in Rishikesh. They have reached high
levels of happiness and knowledge. They have very good harmony. I am very happy that
they are going to share this happiness and knowledge with the world. My good wishes to
them both, I am so happy and proud. Hari Om"



Lee Watson. Founder of Beach House Kitchen and author og Peace and Parsnips

Beach House Kitchen Chef
Author of "Peace and Parsnips"
-the ultimate vegan cookbook

"I was fortunate to meet Will and Malene in Rishikesh, India, at a yoga retreat and was struck
by their vitality, kindness and open hearts. Just starting out on the yoga path, they showed a
great desire to practice and learn. Even when suffering from colds (which we all had from
time to time) they practiced with a dedication that was truly inspirational. I am very much
looking forward to meeting them back in the UK after three years of focus and devotion to
yoga. Their presence back in Europe is a huge blessing. They have so much to share and
teach us!



Jack Boken - Happy Jack

JACK BOKEN / Happy Jack
International Yoga Teacher
Founder of Happy Jack

"In 2015 I immersed myself in the lifestyle and teachings at Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in
Rishikesh, and I had the privilege to share this space with Malene & Will. I had the
opportunity to spend a great deal of time with them and it was evident that these two yogis
are truly committed to a yogic lifestyle and deepening their knowledge and experience in this
ancient tradition. We shared many amazing experiences together and I am certain that
wherever in the world they are sharing their yoga and music, they will truly be touching the
hearts of others and making this world a better place. If you have a chance to learn with this
beautiful couple, I highly encourage you invest the time and immerse yourself in what
will no doubt be an incredible experience."



Alex Hunt Cassidy, Osteopath


"While visiting the Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram on sabbatical a few years ago, I had the
pleasure of taking classes from both Will and Malene. Although they are both very different in
character I realised a commonality between them during my stay. After a deep immersion
into my yoga practice, I realised that they both held an integral presence for their students to
go deep and they both teach from a very authentic, supportive and pure place, really
encouraging engagement with my personal practice. As an Osteopath, I was also impressed
at how sincere and open they were to develop their knowledge base in regards to
learning anatomy and clinical application of hatha yoga. In one incidence they had a student
with ankylosing spondylitis seeking help with his condition and on hearing their advice to
him I really developed a respect for their clinical and yogic rationale. My hat goes off to them
as I believe that lifelong students make the best teachers and they certainly made an impact
on my journey!"




Liz Goulder  - Founder of Renewed you Yoga

Yoga Teacher/Lawyer
Founder of Renew You Yoga Studio

"Last year I had the privilege of being taught by Will and Malene at Anand Prakash Yoga
Ashram in Rishikesh, India. They are two of the most inspiring and fun teachers you could
hope to meet and it was down to their example, their teachings, and their enthusiasm that I
took the next step to train as a yoga teacher myself. Will and Malene each have their own
strengths but compliment each other beautifully as a teaching team and this was mostly felt
by me in their Kirtan sessions. Will leading on the drums with Malene’s beautiful voice could
not help but lift and engage my heart and soul. They are gifted, knowledgeable and down to
earth yoga teachers providing a warm, supportive and safe environment to explore all the
riches of a balanced yoga practice. I cannot recommend them more highly and I look
forward to the next time our paths cross. Thank you Will & Malene."



Thomas Michael. Incredible India Retreat Review

Thomas Michael

"In September 2016 I had the privilege to spend 12 wonderful days with Malene and Will in
Rishikesh. They opened a book of adventures to me and gave an amazing insight into their
life in India. Both are authentic and absolutely wonderful loving people. I miss the time with
them and hope to meet them next year for a Yoga and Hiking tour through the Himalaya.
Yoga-Wise we were fortunate to be a small group and experience a personal approach not
only to Yoga, but also the philosophy of yoga." 




Georgie Swift

Interior Designer

"Malene and will share their depth of knowledge from their hearts in a loving, fun and
compassionate way. Inspiring you to live from your heart and embrace all elements of the
yogic path. After a class with either of these two, you will undoubtedly be left feeling more
connected to yourself and life."  




"We had the pleasure of experiencing the yoga teachers Will and Malene at Anand Prakash
Ashram in Rishikesh, India. We attended their classes for almost two weeks. Every class was
different, inspirational and challenging on both a physical and spiritual level. Our bodies were
relived from the tensions we had gained from our office desk jobs. Furthermore, Will and
Malene had a very authentic presence and showed great empathy in their way of teaching,
which is extremely rare to find in yoga teachers. It was obvious that they loved to teach yoga
and had fully embraced the yogic lifestyle. Sarah & Samina (Denmark)."




Kurt Mansergh. Complete Unity Yoga Review

Kurt Mansergh
Yoga Teacher + Mala Artist

"Will and Malene are easily among my favourite teachers! With every practice, they create a
space of love and expansion. Their presence carries peace and awareness that envelopes
and encourages you to open your heart to Divine Bliss. I miss them every day! Om Shanti 🕉

Light and love - Happybeard"




rachel radha shasha


"When Malene & Will teach, you really feel their full care and attention. They have a deep
sincerity but also a playfulness that brings lightness to the class, a lightness that you do not
get from many other places. One moment you can be feeling very meditative in the
shoulder-stand, then come to marjarianasana and be coaxed into meowing like a cat. It is
very beautiful to release emotions this way, you can also feel the laughter strengthen the
energy of the class, bringing joy and light into the practice. Then we continue through the
asanas in a beautifully planned but also free class. These are two strong, confident teachers
who create beautiful classes as flowing and free as Mother Ganga."




Doogs Walker, Scotland


"I was lucky enough to spend time practising yoga under the guidance of Will and Malene at
Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram. Each morning and afternoon I'd have the pleasure of tiptoeing
to the class as Malene or Will sat calm and covered in a smile and, from the start, it was very
hard then not to be covered in smiles myself. Classes could be strong and physical or gentle
and meditative (or somewhere in between) but they were always infused with the importance
of humor and joy and conducted with gentleness. I enjoyed learning all aspects of yoga from
them, making music together, their generosity and their openness to learning from others.
I am happy to have met them and look forward to sharing time with them again in the future.

Dougie Walker."




rebecca Cecelia Hooward


"I met Will and Malene while they were teaching at the Anand Prakash Yoga ashram in India.
I can honestly say that their positive outlook, attitude to life as well as their gentle guidance
and encouragement made a world of difference to my yoga practice. Their focus on the history
and deeper benefits of yoga was enlightening, and at the end of every one of their classes, I
felt relaxed and invigorated.

I cannot recommend them enough as teachers, you will not regret taking the time to listen
and learn with them."



Jo Taylor

Environmentalist and Animal Welfare Campaigner

"I was lucky enough to have met and be taught by Will and Malene in Rishikesh, India. Their
dedication and passion for yoga were infectious, creating enjoyable, challenging and relaxing
classes all in one! Every lesson I learned something new and developed a deeper
understanding of my yoga practice.

I had expressed uncertainty around doing head stands and Malene made sure that by the
time I left the ashram I knew the correct and safe way to approach them and encouraged me
to explore this pose and overcome my fears :)

On a personal level, they are fun, kind hearted, loving people to be around! I hope to have
more classes with them sometime in the future!"