Meet Malene

Malene Vedel- International Yoga Teacher - Complete Unity Yoga
Now back in Europe after one year of teaching with the internationally renowned Yoga
teacher Yogrishi Vishvketu in his ashram in Rishikesh.



Malene Vedel is a compassionate yoga teacher with a professional attitude to her teachings
and students.

Yoga and Meditation are her life. From her eyes shine forth a love and interest for the
practice. Her work, teachings and writings show a deep and consistent dedication. In her
voice you will be sure to feel inspired by her humbleness, gratitude and joy. It is with a deep
respect to her teachers that she shares with us her vast knowledge and understanding of the
teachings of Yoga.

There is no question that Malene is the kind of person who follows her heart, and trusts it to
take her forward on the path. To find such a passionate Yogini with a lot of practical
experience behind her is a rare encounter.

Malene has a strong foundation in Akhanda Yoga with more than 600 hours of training
behind her. Her approach is light-hearted, warm and welcoming. With a natural openness,
compassion and empowering smile she finds your stamina, confidence and trust
bringing them forth for you to use, hold and be. Her emphasis on weightlessness and
smoothness with strength makes you want to keep practising.



“My aim is to give you your freedom, your all pervasive joy and strength for you to use. Yoga
is the tool to learn about yourself. You become independent, free to choose life, love and
laughter at all times.

Yoga includes all, removes labels and distinctions, barriers and limits. Leaving you free in the
 essence of your true nature.

Together we can make this world a better place, I have no doubt”

-Malene Vedel



Akhanda Yoga teacher training 200 hours RYS

Akhanda  Advanced Yoga teacher training 300 hours RYS

Pranayama course, 42.5 RYS

Five Element course, 42.5 RYS

Five Kosha Course, 42.5 RYS

Akhanda Yoga Festival, 42.5 RYS

Yoga Philosophy course with George and Brenda Feuerstein, 800 hours

Yoga for trauma and stress

(With Ahimsa (Helen Cushing) at the Satyananda Yoga Centre London)

Mentor Training Course

Mindfulness Course

Meditation Course, Swami Rama



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Malene Vedel - International Yoga Teacher - Complete Unity Yoga