Why Do I Need To Do Yoga and Meditate?


Why Do I Need To Do Yoga and Meditate?


Our circumstances may look completely different now than this time last year. 


What can we do? Perhaps we had to cancel plans or just not plan at all. How disappointing that is! 


I have to tell you something about disappointment but first, get jumping, swinging your arms, dancing and change your physiology. Try it now and notice what happens :D


Disappointment turns into despair when we don’t train ourselves. It is easier to fix disappointment, harder (but POSSIBLE) to change despair. Framing our emotions, issues and challenges (or problems) in a way that makes them fixable, helps. (Hard to change depression, easier to deal with boredom or procrastination). 



One of the best ways to change our mindset is to roll out your yoga mat to move and breathe. When we change our breath we change our physiology. Changing our physiology is key to change our emotions or state of mind.



We are communicating beings. Verbally and non verbally. Each emotion and states of mind have a word (or most of them at least) and they have a nonverbal blueprint too. That is how it makes us feel inside and how it makes us breathe, stand and move. Each emotion has a unique pattern. Think of someone sad. How do you know that is sad if they aren’t telling you? How might they breathe? How may their posture be? 


SO! What does disappointment look like for you? Now I dare you to change! First, stand as if you are feeling disappointed. And then NOW move to somewhere else in the room and stand and move as if you just had the biggest breakthrough. Act it out! Even more. What does that feel like?


Welcome the new year while in this BREAKTHROUGH STATE


At Complete Unity Yoga, we are so delighted to be offering the most prime yoga mat. When we are on the mat, it is the world, and who wants our world to be slippery or filled with plastic. I know, right? Not ideal SO we designed these mats to offer you the best support in your practice of training your mind and body so that you can lead the life you deserve, full of love and joy!!


YOU freaking ROCK