How to balance Vata in Autumn

How to balance Vata in Autumn

 By living in tune with the natural flow of life we create balance in the body.

Ayurveda and Vata

As the trees shed their leaves to make space for new, the earth becomes brown, temperatures become stiff and the wind becomes powerful you know that Autumn is here.

From a Yogic and Ayurvedic perspective, Autumn is the season of Vata.

Vata is responsible for all movement within the body (movement of blood, breath, blinking, heartbeat, perspiration, elimination).

The elements of Vata are air and ether.


Vata predominant individuals are creative,
quick to learn and grasp knowledge but also quick to forget, 
tall slender frame and often with a high metabolism,
easily feels the cold and will often have cold hands,
responds to stress with anxiety, fear and worry,
often has racing thoughts, dry skin, dry lips and dry hair,
when in balance full of enthusiasm and joy.


We are nature

We are a reflection of nature, made from nature, fed by nature, and living within nature and therefore the seasonal changes in nature affect us. 

Autumn manifests in our physical and mental body as dry itchy skin, anxiety, doubt, loneliness, fast-moving mind, constipation, eczema, restlessness and a lack of focus. 

By utilising the wisdom of Ayurveda we can learn to pacify the imbalances of Vata that come with Autumn. 


It's time to indulge

Autumn is a great time to take that extra little bit of care for ourselves. You are naturally likely to crave rich indulgent foods and it is the perfect time to enjoy these. 

I remember a gentleman in India once told me that at this time of year he buys himself a 50kg bag of peanuts along with a huge block of jaggery (natural sugar cane) to nourish himself during the Autumn and Winter months.

We love to eat delicious nourishing foods like cashew nut cakes, avocado chocolate mouses along with warming teas, delicious soups and grounding vegetables. Use dates to get your sugar fix and avocado to get your fat fix. Your body is sure to smile!


What to Eat? 

Foods in season such a winter squash, pumpkin and sweet potato will help to nourish and balance your body. Use warming spices such as cinnamon, black pepper, cloves and mustard seeds. Avocado is great because it is oily and full of good happy fat.

We LOVE nut butters and Autumn is the perfect time to stock up on those 1 kg tubs of almond butter, peanut butter, and cashew nut butter. 

I remember Malene once telling me the story of going into a health food store in Scotland to buy a couple of 1kg tubs of Meridian peanut butter when the man at the checkout said wow you need 2 tubs?? If I buy one of those tubs it lasts me for six months. Malene sheepishly walking out with her 2 tubs knowing very well that a 1kg tub of peanut butter only lasts one week in our house.


What to Drink? 

Homemade warming chai (if you cant be hassled with getting the grater out Yogi Tea have an awesome variety of delicious Ayurvedic tea, like their seasonal Christmas blend). Ginger tea, tulsi tea (holy basil), and glasses of warm water. Make sure you stay hydrated and avoid drinking cold drinks.


What to Do?

Create good routines if you don’t have some already. Vata loves routine, by waking up, going to bed, eating your meals, meditating and practicing yoga at the same time every day you will feel grounded and steady. Massage your body with sesame oil before taking a warm shower. Go for long walks and avoid traveling if possible. Read more and enjoy more introvertive practices. 

Autumn and Winter is a beautiful time to care for your self and the people around you. Get cozy, comfortable and enjoy!


Live longer happier and healthier with yoga, mindfulness, and mediation.