Free Breathing Masterclass Series (Part 3) Energy Breathing

Free Breathing Masterclass Series (Part 3) Energy Breathing

Free Breathing Masterclass Series (Part 3) Energy Breathing

How did the Calm Breathing session go last week? Did you feel the relaxation vibes? You’re welcome to reply to this email and share your experience :)

Now, let's wrap things up with the final technique: Energy Breathing.

It's the practice we all crave for that instant boost of energy, but it's essential to use it at the right times.

Energy Breathing, also known as Up-Regulating Breathing, is your go-to when you need to kickstart your engine.

When you breathe at a rate of more than 20 breaths per minute, it's like hitting the gas pedal for your sympathetic nervous system—perfect before going to the gym, tackling a busy day, or getting your morning routine on.

But here's the deal: Rapid breathing reduces CO2 in the bloodstream, which can cause the breathing passageways and veins to constrict slightly.

So, it's crucial to practice this technique mindfully and at appropriate times of day e.g in the morning or before yoga.

How To Practice Energy Breathing?

Here's your step-by-step guide to mastering Energy Breathing :

Find a comfy spot on the floor (with your Meditation Zabuton) or in a chair.

Exhale forcefully from your belly through your nose focusing only on the exhale like small successive sneezes for 20 exhales (inhale happens silently and automatically).

After 20 exhales, exhale fully, pause, and let your body naturally inhale.


Repeat for another 20 exhales.


Repeat for another 20 exhales.


And there you have it—the ABCs of yoga breathing: Balance Breathing, Calm Breathing, and Energy Breathing.

You've got the basics down, so now it's time to make use of them! And hey, why not spread the love by sharing this free breathing masterclass series with your friends and family?

Keep breathing,