7 Best Yoga Festivals in Europe to Check Out in 2023

7 Best Yoga Festivals in Europe to Check Out in 2023

7 Best Yoga Festivals in Europe to Check Out in 2023

Starting to ponder your spring and summer plans for the year? Festival season may already be on your radar. But, if (like me ;) ) you didn’t quite manage to snag those Glasto tickets this year, perhaps the universe is telling you to go in a different direction.

Maybe you need something that’s going to nourish you and restore your energy. Maybe you’re looking to reconnect with yourself but also find a community. Maybe you feel the calling to deepen your yoga practice. Yoga retreats and workshops are great options for this. But, what about something bigger? A bigger community, an exciting destination, a feast for your senses. Say hello to yoga festivals!

Increasingly popular and growing ever larger, yoga festivals are a fun and exciting way to get to know new yoga & wellness teachers, try new yoga styles, meet other yogis and make lasting connections. There’s such a variety out there from the super chill to yoga and DJ sets, so you’re sure to find one that’s right for you. Below are a list (in no particular order) of just a few epic yoga festivals coming up in Europe in 2023. Enjoy! :)


1) Yinternational Festival

Yinternational Festival 7 Best Yoga Festivals in Europe to Check Out in 2023

Where: Corfu, Greece

When: 7-12 May, 2023

What: Heal, educate, relax & explore with the first Yin Festival on Corfu. Over 15 yin experts gather to guide you through a transformative and celebratory experience of yin yoga. Expect singing, dancing, learning, relaxation, connection and (of course) lots of yummy yin yoga. There will be workshops, classes, dances and more. After their success hosting the festival online, they’re taking it offline to the beautiful island of Corfu. If you’re looking to explore and deepen your yin yoga practice, then this is the festival for you!

Check it Out: https://www.ineayoga.com/yinternational-festival


2) European Yoga Festival

European Yoga Festival 7 Best Yoga Festivals in Europe to Check Out in 2023

Where: France, TBD

When: 5-13 August, 2023

What: A festival that immerses you in the world of Kundalini yoga. Brought to you by 3HO Europe who specialise in Kundalini, you can expect this festival to be a full Kundalini yoga experience. There will be classes, workshops, meditations and celebrations. If you’re a practitioner of Kundalini Yoga or looking to learn more about Kundalini and what it has to offer, then check out this festival below. Registration starts in May.

Check it Out: https://www.3ho-europe.org/european-yoga-festival1.html


3) Space of Love Festival

Space of Love Festival 7 Best Yoga Festivals in Europe to Check Out in 2023

Where: Bödabukten, Sweden 

When: 2-11 June, 2023

What: If communing with nature and other like-minded souls by camping on the beach sounds like your vibe, then head to the Space of Love Festival. It takes place on the shores of Bödabukten in Sweden where the focus is on connecting with nature and the simple life. They host yoga classes and a variety of healing practices for you to explore as well as music. This festival also has children’s activities so could be a great one for the whole family. 

Check it out: https://spaceoflove.nu/eng/festival/


4) Yoga Mela Festival

Yoga Mela Festival 7 Best Yoga Festivals in Europe to Check Out in 2023

Where: Divinya, Sweden

When: 15-22 July, 2023

What: A celebration of yoga and sacred music, the Yoga Mela Festival in Sweden boasts internationally acclaimed teachers and artists. Their aim is to gather a community in conscious and authentic celebration. This festival also has activities for children and you can even volunteer to help bring the festival to life. For more information, visit the website below. 

Check it out: https://www.yogamela.org/festival-2023/


5) Pace by Peligoni: Wellness Week

Pace by Peligoni Wellness Week 7 Best Yoga Festivals in Europe to Check Out in 2023

Where: Zakynthos (Greek Island), Peligoni Club

When: 22-26 May, 2023

What: A wellness week with activities centred around fitness, health and wellness. Explore classes, activities and workshops on a tranquil Greek island. Enjoy mindfulness, connection and good food by the sea. Stay tuned with more details of this festival yet to come. 

Check it out: https://www.peligoni.com/pace-wellness-week/


6) WellBe Fest

WellBe Fest 7 Best Yoga Festivals in Europe to Check Out in 2023

Where: Lake Bled, Slovenia

When: Summer 2023 (dates TBD)

What: Focussed on practices for “the Joy of Life”, this festival focusses on positive energy and happiness in the beautiful Julian Alps. The aim of the festival is to bring speakers and practitioners together to explore practices to help you feel more joyful, healthy and balanced in modern life. They have all kinds of wellness and yoga practices for you to explore. 

Check it out: https://wellbefest.com/


7) Barcelona Yoga Conference

Barcelona Yoga Conference 7 Best Yoga Festivals in Europe to Check Out in 2023

Where: Barcelona, Spain

When: 6-10 July, 2023

What: Technically a conference, but definitely with uplifting festival vibes, the Barcelona conference offers 5 full days with World-leading yoga teachers and workshop leaders. This is a place to learn, connect, transform and explore. Accommodation may not be included, but there is such a wealth of activities and you can also take time to discover the beautiful city of Barcelona. 

Check it out: https://www.barcelonayogaconference.cat/


These are just a sample of some of the incredible yoga festivals happening this year in Europe. There are so many more still coming and in the works. What’s fantastic about a yoga festival is the experience of learning with beautiful people in a beautiful place. I hope this helps you find the festival experience you’re searching for! 

Let us know in the comments if you’re planning to check out any of these festivals or if you have some great memories from past year’s attendance.


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