Why is yoga beneficial in relieving depression?


Why is yoga beneficial in removing depression?

Emotions move us. We have all felt anxiety’s effects on our bowl moment, or the way sadness changes our breath. We know what it feels to have butterflies in our belly, yet we’ve never tested it by stalling butterflies. We don’t need to, we know joy very well! 

Emotions truly move us and shape us! 

For a minute now, pretend to be depressed. Pretend. 

What do you do with your body? What do you say to yourself? What do you focus on?

Yes, we tend to look down, shake our head, lower the shoulders. We begin to shallow-breathe in the chest. We often think harshly about ourselves. Say things we would never say to someone else and we focus on everything that we’ve done wrong or when we been wronged.

So! Now, straighten your back, reach the arms wide, say yes, and bring to mind a moment when you felt powerful. Do this because it's good ti finish on a high! ❤️

Yoga moves your body and therefore has the power to change negative states of mind into joy, strength, contemplation, feeling empowered. 

Simply by changing your physiology.

With that said, are you right now feeling depressed and suicidal? 👇

Let someone know today, your life matter and there are many people out there that can help you to kindle your spark for life and hope for the future. Your experiences will help you to be there for someone else, but right now, give someone the opportunity to be there for you❤️