What Are Jute Yoga Mats? All About Jute: The Versatile and Sustainable Material

What Are Jute Yoga Mats? All About Jute: The Versatile and Sustainable Material

What Are Jute Yoga Mats? All About Jute: The Versatile and Sustainable Material

What Is Jute? 

Jute is a natural fiber that has been used for centuries. It’s a plant fiber that is derived from the jute plant, which is grown mainly in the Indian subcontinent and some parts of Southeast Asia with India and Bangladesh being the biggest of producers of jute.

How Does Jute Grow? 

The jute plant is an annual crop that is sown between April and May and harvested between July and August. The jute plant grows to a height of about 8-10 feet. There are multiple uses for the jute plant which enables jute farmers to start earning from the crop long before the final harvest. An acre of land produces approximately 900kgs of fiber.

What Can Jute Be Used For?

Jute leaves can be cooked and eaten and therefore sold in vegetable markets for 2 months out of the 4 month jute season. The outer layer of the stem makes the incredible jute fiber which is used in jute yoga mats and the inner stem is used to make paper.

Jute fibre is incredibly versatile and has many different uses including insulation, geo-textiles, wall covering, flooring, clothing, rugs, ropes, hessian sacks, handi crafts, curtains, carpets, paper, bags and furniture.

What Is The Jute Packaging Materials (Compulsory Use in Packing Commodities) Act?

The Indian government in 1987 introduced the Jute Packaging Materials (Compulsory Use in Packing Commodities) Act. In 2020 the Indian government made it compulsory to package 100% of food grains and 20% of sugar grains in jute bags (hessian sacks). This shows the Indian governments commitment to protecting the jute industry and livelihood of the jute farmers (approximately 400,000 people work in the jute industry).

Why Is Jute Sustainable? 

Jute is a sustainable crop because it requires very little water and fertiliser and is pest resistant. Unlike synthetic materials, which can take hundreds of years to decompose, jute is completely biodegradable. This makes jute a fantastic alternative to, plastics and other synthetic materials, which can harm the environment and take up space in landfills.

What Are Jute Yoga Mats?

Jute yoga mats are most commonly made with a weaved layer of jute fibre (jute fabric) encased by 2 - 4. milimeters of natural tree rubber base. The jute layer makes up the top of the yoga mat and provides unmatched grip and a non-slip yoga mat surface. Grip is sought after in yoga mats and jute yoga mats fulfil this by providing an incredible non-slip surface for yoga, pilates and fitness. Jute yoga mats are also sustainable, highly durable, lightweight, and easy to clean, making jute yoga mats the best yoga mat for yoga enthusiasts.

In conclusion, jute is a versatile and eco-friendly material that has a long history of use in many parts of the world. It is grown in a sustainable manner and is biodegradable. Jute yoga mats are a great option for those looking for a sustainable, non-slip yoga mat, and they offer many benefits over synthetic yoga mats. By choosing jute products, we can help protect the environment and support sustainable agriculture practices.

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What Are Jute Yoga Mats? All About Jute: The Versatile and Sustainable Material  -  CompleteGrip™ Eco-friendly Yoga Mat


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