Should Yoga be a regulated trade?

Malene Vedel - Should Yoga Be A regulated trade - Complete Unity Yoga

Can you fail life? 
Yoga is the study of life and life is, well, lifelong or maybe even lives-long.


Joining a Yoga Teacher Training challenges and strengthens you physically but more so mentally and spiritually. 


Let’s just get the word spirit clear because it is a really nice word and a vital quality in all of us:


In Danish when you say “inhale” you say: “ånde ind” and “exhale”:  “ånde ud“ - This directly translated into English comes to this: 


"Drawing the spirit in" and "drawing the spirit out." 


This has meant that my relationship to spirit and spiritually has always been quite relaxed. Spirit is the glimt in your eyes and the shine to your skin. Spirit is the passions you have and the unexplainable smile you wake up with some mornings. Spirit is what keeps you going through low times in your life, and that which takes you gracefully on lives highs. Spirit is the part of you that loves and cares for your family and friends.


With yoga you strengthen the spirit. You live more, sleep less, smile more and love beyond your own family. You fly light through lows and walk steady on the highs. 


How good does that sound? Pretty damn good to me! Yoga changed my life, my relationship to myself, change and to you. 


This is where you go and explore during a Yoga Teacher Training; the space of the spirit and the  origion of human existence - and this, you cannot fail. Not in any way. We all have different experiences and explains those in various ways using different analogies and images, some we share and others we pick up along the way. 


I have through my travels encountered many cultures and people. Some who have done yoga for years and who I didn’t resonate with as a teacher. I have sat, been and travelled with people who have never done a single yoga pose in their whole life, despite they are so wise and I learned skills and gained qualities from them, that I carry gratefully with me where ever I go.

My secondary school teacher use to say to us children, that we all carry a backpack, not a Fjällräven, nor an Osprey. A Backpack that is invisible to the eye, but an important one to the heart. In this backpack we carry with us our stories of who were. We all have stories. These stories need to be told, and want to be heard. Yoga is a tool for us to unpack those heavy backpacks so that we become lighter and walk with ease. 

And yoga is one of many tools to connect with our inner self and listen to our own stories.


We learn everything from being present by experiencing what really is. If we can drop all the things that we believe we know and that we are trained to see and experience, then we (not that I am there yet, at all, - But yoga brings me clarity and confidence, faith and energy to keep going) can live true to our most inner nature: Joyful, Blissful and Fearless.


If is red, you stop. If it is green you go. Is it in date, you eat, is it out of date, you bin. If they are certified, you trust, if not, you are skeptical, and you block yourself from learning new and see grater perspectives. 


So much of our lives are already monitored and decision are made for us. BUT the teachings of yoga you feel, think and experience; for yourself, is this teacher resonating with me and where I am in life ?


I trust you, so you can do the same! Trust yourself that you can listen to your body, mind and spirit to learn of the right teacher for you.