How To Turn Self-Isolation Into A Retreat In 1 Simple Step!

Are you sitting inside, I mean sulking inside missing friends and family? I am thinking that we all feel like we need a retreat instead of this lonely quarantine time. So I began to jot down all the things that I think we each could do to turn quarantine time into a retreat.  And honestly ...

How to turn self-Isolation into a Retreat in 1 simple step!

...I couldn’t come up with anything!



Well, you could do a 3 months silence retreat...

Then if that’s the case you probably aren’t reading this.


How to turn self-Isolation into a Retreat in 1 simple step!

But perhaps you are feeling like me, needing and wanting to connect with people more than ever?!! So because you are reading this I am assuming that a 3 months silence retreat isn’t for you, right now at least,

and instead, you are R E A D Y for this:


Back to how to shift quarantine time into a retreat. I just tell you the truth now:

I couldn’t come up with any solid tips of how to turn quarantine time into a retreat!

because reality is it sucks! SO we have to find a way to make happy-inside-restricted-rhythms and tools to stay sane.



How to turn self-Isolation into a Retreat in 1 simple step!



The best ways to succeed in staying sane and hopeful is to find a way to use this time to gain something: gain knowledge, gain will-power, gain a meditation practice or gain peace or gain friends and community.  


And how do we possibly do that during such challenging times? I'll tell you RIGHT NOW:


Will and I decided to film a 3-day yoga and meditation retreat for you so that you can gain experience in a rather experience-less time!


A retreat:

so that you can gain knowledge of how to master your mind, how to move in yoga and breathe your way to peace, well-being and happiness. A retreat the connects you with other like-minded people and give you lots of awesome small challenges and activities to stay inspired and uplifted!



...will unlock the peace within you. It is perfect for this time. Often when we have a bit more time (read a lot more time) to ponder and wonder, many begin to notice that their minds speed up and turn up the volume. It can be tough to deal with that mind! Can you like me nod along to this feeling?


SO, Turn your quarantine time into a retreat by… well by actually joining a retreat! :) 

Try it now here:


ONLINE Home Yoga Retreat:

How to turn self-Isolation into a Retreat in 1 simple step!

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