How do I make my yoga mat less slippery?

How do I make my yoga mat less slippery? Landsape Downward dog grip

How do I make my yoga mat less slippery?


Have you ever experienced your hands slipping on the mat during yoga?

When practising yoga grip is essential!

The less slippery your yoga mat is the more enjoyment you will experience.

Continuous grip enables you to feel more comfortable in the poses and deepen your yoga practice. 

6 top tips to make your yoga mat less slippery below.


When we discovered natural rubber yoga mats 7+ years ago we were incredibly impressed, straight away we could feel that we needed to upgrade.

The great thing about non-slip natural rubber yoga mats is that the natural character of natural tree rubber is grippy.

An awesome bonus is that it is a natural eco-friendly material and biodegradable. Unlike the majority of yoga mats which are made of PVC an oil-derived plastic.

We have collected and refined the top tips on how to slip less on your yoga mat.

You can use the 6 tips below with any yoga mat to slip less/increase your grip on your yoga mat.

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This is easily the best non-slip yoga mat available. Made from sustainably harvested natural rubber and natural jute fibres.


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6 top tips to make your yoga mat less slippery (from yoga teachers)


  1. Spread your fingers wide while practising, especially in downward dog pose. By spreading your fingers wide you increase your grip on the yoga mat. 

  2. Press the palms of your hands down into the yoga mat especially on the palm side of your knuckles. By pressing into the yoga mat you naturally increase your grip

  3. Keep your hands dry. If needed gently dry your hands on a towel or your yoga clothes.

  4. If you feel like you are beginning to break a sweat take a layer of clothing off.

  5. If you have a brand new yoga mat it may take some time to break it in. The more you practice the less you will slip.

  6. Ensure you are using the correct side (logo side up).


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Have a lovely day!!! And if you are on your yoga mat enjoy :)

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