Free 20-Minute Energy Boosting Morning Yoga Class

Free 20-minute Energy Boosting Morning Yoga Class

Free 20-minute Energy Boosting Morning Yoga Class


Start your day full of energy and positivity with the Akhanda Yoga Institute 20-minute Morning Yoga for Energy Boost.

This daily yoga practice is better than a cup of coffee.

Starting with the powerful breathing technique Kapalbhati Kriya to awaken your body and release toxins.

Followed by 6 rounds of Classical Sun Salutations to refresh and re-energise you.

Standing Spinal Twist to balance your spine and open your chest and calming Moon Pose to balance solar and lunar energy.

Anuloma Viloma (alternate nostril breathing) to help balance the Ida and Pingala nāḍīs (pranic channels).

Finishing the practice with Bhramari pranayama to ground and calm followed by a short guided meditation.

Now you are ready to embrace the new day.

Make this early morning yoga practice a part of your daily yoga routine and enjoy the benefits of staring the day with yoga. 



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