8 Best Yoga Festivals in the UK to Check Out in 2024

8 Best Yoga Festivals in the UK to Check Out in 2024


8 Best Yoga Festivals in the UK to Check Out in 2024

Yoga and wellness festivals are exploding onto the scene, and most big music festivals are also starting to incorporate more yoga and wellness practices into their activity lineups. A conscious celebration and gathering of like-minded souls can sometimes be just what you need to fall in love with yoga all over again.


They can help you reconnect to yourself, meet new people and explore new aspects of yoga and wellness. But you needn’t travel to the ends of the earth to find one of these effervescent festivals. There are so many exciting upcoming festivals right here in the UK. So, to help you start planning for an amazing 2024 filled with enriching experiences, here is a list (in no particular order) of some incredible UK-based Yoga Festivals coming up in 2024. Enjoy! 


1) World Yoga Festival  

 8 Best Yoga Festivals in the UK to Check Out in 2024 

Where: Henley Showground, Henley-on-Thames

When: 1-4 August, 2024

What: Hosted by the Arsha Kula Foundation, the World Yoga Festival is somewhere between a retreat and a festival. This is a 4-day open air festival with the possibility to camp on site. It’s a gathering of celebrated yoga, meditation and wisdom teachers. The idea is to explore all aspects of the richness of yoga and allow participants to gain a deeper understanding of yoga in a fun environment. Expect engaging workshops, good food and an on-site market. 

Check it Out: https://www.yogafestival.world/


2) Soul Circus 

8 Best Yoga Festivals in the UK to Check Out in 2024


Where: Cotswolds

When: August 15-18, 2024

What: A holistic yoga and arts festival set in the Cotswolds countryside lets you run away to the circus. This festival’s aim is to take each participant on a journey of discovery and recalibration through yoga, art, food and music. They have wellness activities during the day and funky DJ sets at night. A combination of the fun of music festivals but with a wellness spin. This will surely be an experience to remember. 

Check it Out: https://www.soulcircus.yoga/

3) The Big Retreat 

8 Best Yoga Festivals in the UK to Check Out in 2024


Where: Pembrokeshire

When: 24-27 May, 2024

What: Think of a retreat but with more festival vibes. This is a 3-day festival focussed on wellbeing to allow you to relax, reset and release. Reconnect with nature in the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside. There are lots of exciting classes, workshops, talks, experiences and live music to be enjoyed. Leave this festival feeling refreshed and revived. 

Check it Out: https://www.thebigretreatfestival.com/


4) Wellbeing By The Lakes

8 Best Yoga Festivals in the UK to Check Out in 2024


Where: Sculpture by the Lakes Pallington, Dorchester

When: 2024, TBC

What: This is a magnificent wellbeing festival located in the beautiful sculpture park Sculpture By The Lakes. A wide variety of talks, workshops, yoga classes, meditation sessions, fitness classes and more. The only down side is that there is no camping onsite so you either have to live locally or book a campsite, hotel or airbnb separately. 

Check it Out: https://www.wellbeingbythelakes.co.uk/


5) LoveFit Festival

8 Best Yoga Festivals in the UK to Check Out in 2024


Where: St Clere Estate, Sevenoaks

When: 12-14 July, 2024

What: Find your balance with the LoveFit Festival. A 3-day festival just outside of London. It combines fitness, wellbeing and magical forest parties. Set in a tranquil estate, surrounded by nature, this festival promises fitness by day and party festival vibes by night. A perfect combination for those looking for both wellness and fiesta. 

Check it Out: https://www.lovefitfestival.com/


6) Buddha Fields

8 Best Yoga Festivals in the UK to Check Out in 2024

Where: Trickey Warren Lane, Culmhead, Taunton 

When: 17-21 July, 2024

What: A Buddhism focused festival that brings song, dance, music, arts and crafts, yoga, meditation, and play all together in a family friendly festival in the UK. There are experts in Buddhism, philosophy, yoga, and meditation spread across multiple stages. 

"The concept of a “Buddhafield”, or of “Buddhafields”, originates in the Mahayana Buddhist Sutras. In these Sutras, Buddhafields are planes of perfect beauty created by the compassionate action of a Buddha. As such they are an environment in which all conditions are perfectly conducive to spiritual practice and in which to gain Enlightenment."

Check it Out: https://buddhafield.com


7) Medicine Festival 

8 Best Yoga Festivals in the UK to Check Out in 2024

Where: Wasing Park, Reading

When: 14-18 August, 2024

What: The motto of this festival is “The medicine you seek is seeking you” and this is reflected in the spirit of the Medicine festival which is about honouring nature, peace, difference, gratitude and  guardianship. This festival combines teachers from different traditions and backgrounds to gain a deeper understanding of how we can live more harmoniously with the world. All profits from this festival go to protecting the land, traditions and wisdom of indigenous peoples. A truly unique and inspiring festival experience. 

Check it Out: https://medicinefestival.com/


8) Verve Festival 

8 Best Yoga Festivals in the UK to Check Out in 2024


Where: Hatch House, West Hatch, Tisbury, Wiltshire

When: 14-15 September, 2024

What: A celebration on health, wellness and nature in the Wiltshire countryside. We've had this wellness festival recommended to us by multiple people so this year we had to feature it in the 8 Best Yoga Festivals in the UK to Check Out in 2024. No camping onsite so you will have to either live locally (hopefully you have friends or family in the area) or book a campsite, hotel or airbnb.

Check it Out: https://www.feeltheverve.com/


These are just a few festivals to inspire you to start planning your 2024 line-up. Each festival has something unique to offer so take your time to explore and find one that’s right for you. Or feel inspired to start your own yoga festival - anything’s possible ;) Let us know in the comments if you’re planning to check out one of these festivals or if you have any great memories from past year’s attendance. 

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