3 Quick Steps To Confidently Overcome Shyness


3 Quick Steps To Confidently Overcome Shyness

Are you shy and held back by it to interact with people? Even the ones you love?


There's nothing wrong with you and after reading this shyness can become your superpower and your gift!


I teach big groups of people, take people on travels and arrange local events, I might not come across shy despite that I would think of myself as a shy person. How does this work?


Shyness isn't your bad trait, nor your enemy.


The following 3 simple ways will help you relieve the negative effects of shyness in your life:


1 - FOCUS: 

Take “you” out of the picture. Put your focus on a greater goal. Perhaps what you do you do for your children, a partner, your family or the world? Perhaps the greater goal is to feel free, expansive and powerful. 



What does it mean to you to be shy? Does it mean that you have less to offer than others? (Disempowering) Or that you care deeply about others feeling comfortable in your company? (Empowering) 


What are the empowering parts of feeling shy? Where and when has you shyness created amazing results? 


What are the strengths we can derive from being shy? Maybe it is contemplating and optimising the way we talk, the words we choose and the way we make others feel.



For a moment, stand the way you feel when feeling shy. 


Now bring one of your role models to mind, then stand like them, move like them, speak like them. 


Repeat these 3 simple steps daily when you brush your teeth. Take just 3 minutes to practice and see the results immediately.



Yoga has the answer too!

Through yoga poses, breath-work and meditation we get to see that there’s nothing wrong with us, we don't have an inner devil, we do not need to change who we are. We need to find better ways to express who we are and what we like to experience in life. 


We want to feel loved, how do we get that need met? We want to feel unique and irreplaceable, how do you fulfil that need?


Notice after just one yoga session: How do you feel? Perhaps you stand stronger and taller? Perhaps there’s more space in your chest. By knowing our selves better, we get closer to others.


And live that best version of yourself, give, give, give, give whenever you can, soon you'll have more and your shyness will be completely overcome. 


Are you ready for the next level you? This epic and empowering version?


Next time you need to enter a room or space while feeling nervous:

Take a moment to think about the people in that room or space. Just as you feel your own vulnerability, feel theirs. Hear their heartbeats, see their humanness. What will you go in with? What energy are you going to share? What can you give them? A smile, support? Love? 


And even if you don’t feel like it, straighten your back, shoulders back, think of how you feel after a yoga or meditation session. NOW enter!



When you want to change your emotional experience or state of mind, think 3 things:

How can I change my focus?

How can I change my meaning (words and perception)?

How can I change my physiology (how you move, breathe, your facial expressions and posture)