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NEW - RelaxFast™ Lite Acupressure Mat - AllTrue Subscription Box - Lifestyle Image Lady Laying On Acupressure Mat for Stress Relief

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Unlimited massages for less than the price of 1 massage (and all in the comfort of your own home)!

The RelaxFast™ Lite Acupressure Mat is here to help you take less time to relax and rejuvenate so you can feel great at work, at home and in your life. Expect to feel the difference in your body and mind after just a few minutes of laying on the RelaxFast™ Acupressure Mat, now you can quickly get back to feeling you. 

Acupressure mats are commonly used for back pain, neck pain, stress relief, muscle tension, headaches, relaxation and even to help get a better night's sleep. Try for yourself today.

★★★★★ 5 Star Reviews (loved by yoga teachers & yogis worldwide): 

"As a mother to two under three years old, I have so many needs to meet that aren’t my own. The RelaxFast Acupressure Mat changed me! It helps me to take just a moment for me, to be still and loosen up all that tension from carrying kids around, I return a happier person, mother and wife. A must have in every contemporary household”


✓ Medical Grade discs/acupressure spikes.

✓ Lightweight, compact and easy to transport

Acupressure Points: 153 discs/4131 points

Size : 66cm x 35cm

✓ Personal Fit - Because you know you better than us. Unzip the three sections to specifically target different locations (arms, legs, feet, neck etc) or use all three sections together underneath your back and neck.

✓ Neck Support - A built in neck support for increased comfort and to support the cervical spine and its natural curve.

✓ Natural Filling - Made from premium coconut fibres.

✓ Medical Grade - Beautiful medical grade lotus acupressure spikes.

✓ 3 Sections - Easy storage and travel ease. Take a section with you to work, on holiday, to yoga class, or anywhere that you would like to RelaxFast™.

Acupressure Points: 192 lotuses/4800 points

Size : 71cm x 45cm

How to use the RelaxFast™ Acupressure Mat:
Place your RelaxFast™ Acupressure Mat on a firm surface for deeper relief and the full acupressure experience. For a gentler experience place your RelaxFast™ Acupressure Mat on a soft surface (e.g. bed, thick carpet, sofa, armchair, or even on an office chair).

Lay down slowly on top of the mat with the neck support positioned underneath your neck. If you're just starting out lay wearing a thin t-shit. As you become more accustomed to the mat lay without a t-shirt and with direct skin contact to the acupressure points (this gives the best results just like a massage).

Enjoy as you lay for 5-20 minutes. If you fall asleep that is ok, enjoy feeling rested, relaxed and calm. When you are ready with the help of your hands slowly come up.
What to expect:

In the first minutes your body and mind might feel an urge to resist the acupressure points. Stay, breathe and relax. During the next 5 minutes you will begin to experience your muscles relax even more. Stay, breathe, relax. Closing your eyes as you begin to feel the warm calming sensation as your relaxation deepens.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sarah Stubberfield
Great mat

Haven’t had much time to use this but great quality. Thank you

Tracey G.
Free acupressure mat review

I have been wanting this for a while, so when it was a free gift, I jumped the opportunity to get it!. At first it is uncomfortable, but it takes a bit of time get used to. For an eco-friendly company, I was surprised that the free version of the mat did not seem to have an eco-friendly interior. I am not sure because there is no information of the free version on the site.

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