Yoga Meditation Blanket - Complete Unity Yoga - Natural - Soft - 100% Organic Cotton
100 Percent Cotton Yoga Meditation Blanket - Complete Unity Yoga
Super Soft Yoga Meditation Blanket - Complete Unity Yoga

100% Cotton Super Soft Yoga Meditation Blanket

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One Blanket- Multiple Benefits

100% Cotton Super Soft Yoga Meditation Blanket

Get cozy comfortable after a long day’s work with this soft natural blanket perfect for restorative and yin yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and savasana. Its weight and warmth will help you to slip into deep relaxation. Combined with our Meditation Cushion and Eye Pillow you will find your yoga and meditation practice irresistible ❤️

Short Description

Machine Washable

100% Cotton

Super Soft

Size = L

Weight = 1.4 KG

Size = 200cm x 150cm

Make Your Yoga Session More Fruitful with Yoga Blanket

If you browse the Internet coming across stellar asanas wishing you could do them, now it’s possible to make it a reality. Do all the yogic postures with considerable ease and ace them like a pro with our premium yoga blankets.

Give your body the additional support that it needs and make your practice all the more productive. Once you try our blankets, you wouldn’t want to go to your session without them. Just fold them into the desired shape and thickness and get all set to ace it like an expert! Experience the before-after difference and feel your poses transforming from stiff to smooth.

Whether you want to do the asanas that require lying flat on the floor and lifting your legs or the ones that require bending forward and touching your toes, yoga blankets can be your best friend. Their softness is sure to win your heart and give you the needed support. Make exercise a fun activity, and your exercise sessions all the more fun and relaxing with our high-quality blankets.

When you buy these blankets online, you invest in years of love, care, and companionship. Our meditation blankets will be an investment that will motivate you to enjoy your yoga and meditation session and be a healthier version of yourself.

Meditation and Effective Meditation- Experience the Difference

Our yoga blankets are a star! They not help you in complex asanas that require considerable stretching and bending but are equally effective in keeping your mind healthy. Experience an all-new meaning of mental peace and feel the wonders of a calm mind and a healthy body with our meditation blankets.

Now no more need to sit on an uncomfortable chair trying to master the ideal posture. Channelize your energy in the right direction and reap its benefits. Focus on your mind and not your position to take the effectiveness of your session to an all-new level with our soft blankets that provide the cushion support you need to help you sit comfortably. The blankets have it all sorted for you.

Give your body the comfort it needs and get the best of fitness- the purest form of self-love with our blankets. When you buy our meditation blanket, you get to experience what being healthy feels like.

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