Why Do You Go To Work?

why do you go to work? - Complete Unity Yoga Retreats

Why do you go to work? 


Having a job is a responsibility that you take to sustain the life you wish to lead and as a way to support and enrich society. A responsibility that should originate from a space of acceptance of your own skills and qualities as well as a love for others and a wish to create a community together where things flow for the benefits of all.

Though sometimes we might feel that we go to work because we have to. Working long hours to make enough to pay the bills while dreaming of pay rises and perhaps even voting to pay less in tax.


You Have A Choice, Always

Reality is that we don't have to go to work, we choose to. We must find a way to remind ourselves of choosing. Even though we know what we are going to choose, telling ourselves why we choose to get out of bed and head to work can make a huge change in our perspective. Is it because we want to share our skills and passions? Is it because we want to be able to do this or that in the future? Is it because we want to see people thrive around us and we want to see ourselves happy? Are we motivated to share that joy?

Zoom out and see to see our choices  - And then choose - It is empowering!


Keep making these choices of how we spend our days, time and life, while being realistic. Striving towards being honest with ourselves and our time. Making choices to be there for our loved ones or at work, and for that time period being there 100%. Let's do our best at that moment and then choosing when to go home to do something else. Panning and creating time-frames for and then make the shift when we planned to, avoiding the feeling of guilt. It is easy to walk home from a meeting, work or time with a friend thinking on all the things we should have done that better, or gone to visit that person instead of driving past or said this. Take time to reflect, learn from the experience and then make the effort to give ourselves a high five, a well done and then let it go, allowing a shift to happen.


Having a job can be a space where, much like a water jug, we are constantly pouring water out and not always able to find a tap to refill.


This is why it is important that we schedule and make time to refill with good quality water.


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