Why Do You Go To Work?

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Why do you go to work? 


Having a job is a responsibility that you take to sustain the life you wish to lead and as a way to support and enrich society. A responsibility that should originate from a space of acceptance of your own skills and qualities as well as a love for others and a wish to create a community together where things flow for the benefits of all.

Though I get the feeling that many people go to work because they have to. Working long hours to make enough to pay bills while dreaming of pay rises and voting to pay less in tax.


You Have A Choice, Always

Reality is that you don't have to go to work, you choose to. You need to a find way to remind yourself of choosing. Even though you know what you are going to choose, say to yourself why you choose to get out of bed and head to work. Is it because you want to share your skills and passions? Is it because you want to be able to do this or that in the future? Is it because you want to see people thrive around you and you want to see yourself happy? Are you motivated to share that joy?


Similar, in a role as a carer, remember to choose to be there for your loved ones. Are you there because he is your brother? Or because they would have done the same for you?

Zoom out and see your choices  - And then choose - It is empowering!


Keep making these choices of how you spend your days, time and life. And be realistic, be honest with yourself and your time. Make a choice to be there for your loved one or at work 100 percent. Do your best and then choose when you go home and do something else. Set a structure, otherwise, you might end up feeling guilty. Guilty because you should have done that better, or gone to visit instead of driving past.


Being a carer and having a job are both spaces where, much like a water jug, you are constantly pouring water out and not always able to find a tap to refill.


It is important that you schedule in and find time to refill with good quality water.


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