The Five Pranas and How They Changed My Life - Intro

The Five Pranas and How They Changed My Life

No One In Class

So as I was planning a Five Pranas Class, and only two people had signed on, I began to think how come the rest of the world hadn't signed up and why they should. I needed to make the knowledge of The Five Pranas accessible and practical. 

So I asked myself: What have I done with the knowledge of the Five Pranas? How am I using it in my life?


My first thoughts were: "I don't know, I have no idea, Wow, wait... whaaat?"


Is That A Good Place To Begin?

Saying "I don't know" is probably the best place to begin because it opens up for the opportunity of knowing and more importantly, a desire to know.

I began to notice and pay attention to how the Five Pranas work in my body and how I utilise that knowledge on a daily basis.


Remember That Time?

If you think back to your year in secondary school and bring to mind your teachers. What do you remember the most? Their persistent teachings of tables and grammar? Or do you remember much more about their way of being? What made them furious and what made them smile? How they were around you when you were sad or how they handled issues within the class room?

We are all collectors. Gathering samples of the people around us and the world. We take with us what resonates and leave behind what seems to be out of tune. That is how we create our unique composition.


Moon Cycle, Tampons - Keep It Clean

I particularly remember how our head teacher taught us all, boys and girls, the anatomy of women’s moon cycle, what happens when you place a tampon in a glass of water and several techniques on how to keep the lower areas clean (no demonstrations though). Her way of teaching and being created an environment where we could openly communicate. She taught us to listen to each other without judgment. A quality that I have ensured to bring with me wherever I go (as well as the useful cleaning skills, of course, thank you..)



What I Am Saying Is That

Our most vivid memories are people's personalities and their ways of being. That is their contribution to this world and to the future generations.


We must ensure that we connect what we learn on the mat during practice and in yoga classes to how we lead this life. It is so important to embody and live your thoughts and words. It adds integrity, authenticity, and joy to your life. It creates less embarrassing moments and stronger social connections - at least most of the time.



Knowledge To Wisdom

Yoga teaches us to take what we learn from our teachers and from the texts into our lives, that way we transform mere knowledge into experience, and experience ferments into wisdom. You no longer have to remember, it becomes a part of who you are.


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