Our Survival Brain is Not Our Happy Brain

Our Survival Brain is Not Our Happy Brain

There’s a Greek folktale about a king called King Midas. King Midas is granted his biggest wish. Now everything King Midas touches becomes gold. A blessing he thinks until he gets very hungry and realises what a misfortune he is in. 

If it truly should have been a blessing, King Midas should have wished for energy, the invisible force that drives us all (love, passion, excitement, ecstasy and happiness). 

Our energy affects everything we do, how we perceive others, how we take on a challenge (or are drowning in problems), how we grow, act and how we respond to life.

It is not about never feeling low, sad or angry, but it is all about how we allow those negative emotions to take us, for how long and where we let them direct us. 

With yoga, we have a tool to tap out of negativity and back into our peak state. 

Let’s be honest, when are the best decisions made? When up-set angry or sad? Or when hopeful, joyful, fearless and excited?

YES! We say things, do things and take actions when we are negative that won’t serve us in the long run!

It’s not a problem, it’s just our survival brain kicking in. A brain that’s not designed to bring us joy. It is purely designed to keep us away from danger: survival brain!

We are in charge of our happiness!

Emotions can unconsciously change us, but we can just as easily with awareness change our emotions!

There are three ways to do so:

1# Change your physiology:  Change how you stand, breathe and move.

2# Change your focus: What events of the past you focus on or what you notice around you? Change your focus to moments that you were strong and empowered or begin to notice all that you are grateful for.

3# Our language: The words we use to describe an experience becomes our experience. We can change any event's or experience's meaning simply by changing the words we use to describe the event or the experience with. Rather than saying “I am having a bad day”, what about trying “I am having a vacation day”?

SO! YOGA! YES! Yoga changes our physiology and our focus. With yoga, we can easily and quickly shift away from these negative states and tap straight into our peak energy!