Do you want to be right or do you want to be loving?

Here’s an ultimatum for you: 👇

Do you want to be right or do you want to be loving?

The more principles, rules and right ways we have the more stress we will experience in our life. I can guarantee you that.

It might be our children, friends, neighbours or a family member that “break” our principles, rules and ways of doing things. They dress differently even wear clothes inside out. They cook in “unorganised” ways or leave “mess”. Whoever it might be that “break” your rules, it inflicts stress on us.

The solution?

Let go of those “right ways”, rules and principles.

Fewer rules mean less stress.

It's not about being right. It's all about being loving.

We might be annoyed by the restrictions and rules the governments are imposing on us right now. Especially if we feel there’s not enough or any evidence for their decisions.

None the less, the rules set by the government are not defining you. Let this be a moment for us to look at what rules we have set internally that limits our thoughts and joy.


Do you want to be right or do you want to be loving?

I give you an example:

I have for a long time thought that to be able to enjoy a cup of tea it needs to be boiling hot and I need to sit down (uninterrupted) while drinking it. I am sure you can relate to how rare an opportunity that is being a parent to a toddler. So I had to change that rule. Instead of getting annoyed when I didn’t get a hot cup of tea while sitting down I just binned that rule. Now I can enjoy my tea while standing, on the go or even while stacking, moulding, stirring, packing or whatever activity I am doing with my son.

What rules, principles and “right ways” do you want to bin now?