A 2-Weeks Pleasant Unpleasant Contemplation Practise - Part 1

This is it!

Are you ready to be more happy? Would you like to thrive? With this 10-minute contemplative journal exercise you will be able to gift yourself many more successes and create a deep understanding of how to create long lasting joy, steadfastness and strength within you!


 A 2-Weeks Pleasant Unpleasant Contemplation Practise - Part 1, image of water drop falling into the sea


I came across this practice in 2019 at a course I took on contemplation in different traditions from around the world. I liked the practice so much as it gave me a practical experience of my ability to influence how my body and mind understand my surroundings. It became clear to me that our body is one big storehouse. and what is it storing? The answer is everything we have experienced in the form of memories. The body and minds ability to remember is the foundation of our actions, reactions and in what we move towards to in the future. The future is where dreams come true if we plan them or where, if desires and longings aren’t dealt with, we might feel deeply unsatisfied in life!


A 2-Weeks Pleasant Unpleasant Contemplation Practise - Part 1 Image of s narrow boat travelling down the river


You deserve a better world and the world deserve the best version of you! Leave no stone unturned! Continue learning, exploring, questioning and experiencing - that is what GROWTH means, to accept and find joy in the fact that we are never ever “done” . This is also the essence of Karma Yoga, the yoga of action, to acknowledge that the goal is not to finish a practice and sit somewhere feeling finished or complete, that is called stagnation. Karma Yoga brings to us the fact that when one event, job, chapter finishes, another begins - to be able to flow from one of such events, jobs, stages or chapters, with a equanimous mind, a curious gaze and a loving heart is how I understand enlightenment or what we also can call growth!



A 2-Weeks Pleasant Unpleasant Contemplation Practise - Part 1 Image of trees growing into a blue sky


So welcome your successful future by understanding and living fully the present.


This is your opportunity to step up for yourself so that you can be your happy, authentic and passionate self to your loved ones!


And how is that?


Because we are each wondering storehouses or memories. From the minute we are born, and perhaps even before in our mothers womb, we begin to collect impressions and memories of all of our experiences and from what we are being exposed to, this becomes the foundation for how we see ourselves, move in our world and live our lives. Throughout life we keep building on this foundation. This means that we can easily end up living our past, if we aren’t aware our past will be constantly unfolding into the future, like a song on repeat, we will keep making the same mistakes and stuck with the same old habit patterns. But if we are able to become present and aware of of the current moment we get to experience how and what we store and therefore a deeper look into the very workings of ourselves. That way we can step out of the past and choose how to be, act and live despite our past!


A 2-Weeks Pleasant Unpleasant Contemplation Practise - Part 1. Picture of cartoon junk food


Do you wish to know the insight of how the brain functions in relation to this, then get hold of this e-book, where I take you on a tour of some parts of your brings and mind to understand how this storehouse- body or remembrance-body really works and how it might be controlling you.   



A 2-Weeks Pleasant Unpleasant Contemplation Practise - Part 1.


Let’s get to the first part of the practise:


The practice has two parts. This is part one.


This practice takes place in the present. By doing this small contemplative exercise we are able to get a real experience of a process that is mainly on auto in our brain. Here you take hold of the steering wheel and begin to really see!



Ready? It’s an awesome 2 weeks practice!


You need:

10 minutes

A pen

And this form - Download and print this document or have it on your phone/tablet to fill out.



A 2-Weeks Pleasant Unpleasant Contemplation Practise - Part 1


How to do it:

For the next 7 days become more aware of pleasant experiences in your day to day life. Pleasant experiences can be moments of loud laughter and smiles like if you win something or feel ecstatic but it can also be more subtle experiences like taking a warm bath after a walk in the rain or eating your favourite meal or hearing your favourite song in the radio. It can be experiences where you are alone or it can be a moment when you are with friends. It can be at work or at home. It can be small and it can be big.


For the next 7 days, take a moment to fill out this form. Then after 7 days come back here and proceed to the second part.


The second part you find right here: