A Taste of Bliss - Spain 2018

Vegan Yoga and Cooking Retreat with Lee Watson and Complete Unity Yoga

A Taste of Bliss
5th May - 12th May 2018

With cookbook author and TV chef LEE WATSON
Author of Peace and Parnsips

Join us for an early summer treat in the small stunning region of Murcia, Spain.

Set in the jewel of the Spanish coast, Costa Calida, 
we await to welcome you to an
unforgettable getaway. 


We will be bringing you through a thoughtfully crafted program
bursting with inspirational workshops.
Wander along the beach, go swimming in the sea. 
Enjoy space and time to
relax and restore healthy habits
to chase your bright future.


This is a holiday you will never forget.
A holiday that truly allows you
to zone out of your daily life and responsibilities, 
to zoom straight into your inner peace, joy, and harmony,
to get a taste of bliss.


Our dedicated team of chefs, guides, yoga and meditation teachers
have ensured a program that will leave you
recharged, fresh and radiating. 


Mediterranean feasting, fresh juices, and smoothies,
sunset drinks, Spanish traditional tapas, cakes, desserts
BBQ and a three-course meal in a local restaurant
You will be taken good care of.


Book soon to avoid disappointment




  • Airport pick-up and drop-off*
  • Transport during the stay
  • 7 nights at our villa right by the beach
  • Daily guided morning meditations
  • Daily yoga and pranayama classes with Complete Unity Yoga
  • Two specialised yoga and meditation workshops
  • Nourishing and deeply satisfying meals, freshly prepared by Lee Watson
  • Workshop on healthy diet
  • Bespoke recipe booklet
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Cooking techniquies to bring home to keep the bliss growing
  • Trips to local treasures and gems
  • A unique afternoon yacht cruise
  • Three-Course Meal: On Friday we’ll enjoy a celebratory three-course meal in a local restaurant with a stunning location overlooking the bay.  The best location in Murcia for sunset.  This is a restaurant that Lee helped to build, who makes great plant-based meals.  The menu will be designed especially for our group, by Lee and their chef.  



  • Visit Stunning Peninsula: Rising high above the Costa Calida coast with 360 degree views of mountains and the sparkling ocean.
  • Visit to Moorish Tower via Antipodas: Stroll from our front door along the beautiful La Azhoia promenade up to the historic Moorish watchtower, followed by a cool drink and break on the beautiful terrace of the local taverna Antipodas.
  • A Unique Yacht Cruise: Sail on a classic yacht along the dramatic Costa Calida coastline of Cabo De Galos, one of the most picturesque parts of the Spain.



Workshops Included:


  • Stress-Proof Your Life With Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Why Yoga and Meditation Works and What They Have to Offer You
  • A Modern Approach to Healthy Diet: An insight into Ayurveda, the world oldest science of medicine and healthy living with a modern approach.
  • Cooking Demonstrations: Lee shares tips and tricks to effortlessly add flavour and joy to your daily cooking, and will be preparing each meal in the open kitchen. He will be available throughout the week and would love to answer any questions you might have, and from his cookery demonstrations you will be taking home skills to transform your home cooking.


*Moon Club: We are extraordinarily happy to be able to share with you this optional workshop on women’s health. Jane has dedicated the last 6 years of her life to studying and working with the currents of women’s cycles. She has recently travelled extensively throughout the United States and Asia delivering workshops and presentations, sharing her tricks and tips so women can get the most out of their cycles. She is delighted to give you an insight to both this and the reusable eco-products that are now available. This workshop will be led by Jane and assisted by Malene Vedel giving practical exercises and techniques for you to bring home to enhance your wellbeing during your moon cycle. 


The Yoga We Teach

>> Namasté, 

It is great to see you here and I hope to be brining you along for this awesome retreat in Spain. Will and I practice and teach yoga as a tool and a path to inner peace and radiating joy. We are trained in Akhanda Yoga, a Hatha yoga practice, that brings in all aspects of yoga: contemplation, philosophy, anatomy, mindfulness, meditation, kriya, pranayama and asana, the physical postures. This practice is for everybody and suits all levels. Straight from the street? Or advanced practitioner? This is for you!. Furthermore we bring into the classes an abundance of joy, and draw experience from a wide range of skills and courses, as well as wisdom collected on our travels around the world. Our classes are designed to give you strength and confident as well as softness and flexibility. The classes are calming and challenging, restorative and energising. They are therapeutic by nature.

We look forward to share this with you.

If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact us.

Yours in Yoga <<





Spain Beach Retreat - Yoga and Meditation - Vegan Cooking with Lee Watson





We are excited to have Lee Watson cooking exclusively for us and doing cooking demonstrations.  During the demonstrations, Lee will be showing us how to cook a range of healthy Mediterranean plant-based dishes with loads of treats along the way. 


Meals will range from Moroccan to Middle Eastern, all the way through Turkey, Italy, Greece and of course, Spain.  Lee ensures that even if you don’t eat a plant-based diet, you will not be disappointed in the slightest.  This is diverse food for everyone to enjoy!  


You’ll learn a range of creative kitchen skills for a healthier, delicious approach to cooking at home.  You will get a full recipe booklet to take home and Lee will ensure you have all the knowledge to give the recipes a try.  We’ll cover creative summer salads, BBQ, homemade plant-based cheese and milk, Buddha bowls, sushi, local tapas and paella, smoothies and breakfast ideas, plus preparing a fully raw food feast and lots of ideas for desserts.      


On Friday we’ll enjoy a three-course meal in a local restaurant with a stunning location overlooking the bay.  The best location in Murcia for sunset.  This is a restaurant that Lee helped to build, who make great plant-based meals.  The menu will be designed especially for our group, by Lee and their chef.   


The retreat is fully plant-based, and if this is something new, we believe it is a light, nutritious and compassionate way of eating. Find inspiration to bring home, get support to make changes or just enjoy and you are sure to feel the benefits. 


The villa is intelligently designed and eco-friendly, keeping warm in the winter and cool in the summer, providing comfort year-round. Air conditioning is available throughout and there is a log burning stove.

The highlight of the villa for us is the large open plan living area, with kitchen and dining space. This is perfect for cooking demonstations and joyful moments. Enjoy the view of the beach while reading your books, writing or hanging out with good company and meaningful conversations. 

The villa is located 10 metres from the beach in a quiet, residential village, close to restaurants, cafes and bars.  Other facilities include an outdoor solar heated shower and purified water on tap.

The rooms are comfortable with a homely vibe. There are a variety of different room types to suit all. Email us for more information.

This place is amazing with a essence of community and living to share. 

Our daily yoga and meditation classes will take place outside on the terrace and in the garden. Wake up with soothing yoga poses under open sky in the gentle morning air providing us with a fresh boost of energy and a glow to our skin.



Retreat Pricing*

Double En-Suite - 2 People £1899

Double En-Suite - 1 Person Private £1249

Double Room - 2 People £1839

Double Room - 1 Person Private £1149

Twin Room Shared - £919 per person

Triple Room Shared - £719 per person



Local Area:

Murcia is a small and stunning region, mainly agricultural, in the South of Spain.  Our villa is located on the Costa Calida, which is a jewel of the Spanish coast.  The scenery is beautiful, with mountains falling away into the deep blue Mediterranean Ocean.  The region is sparsely populated with lovely countryside and traditional villages.  This is the real taste of Spain and is known as the garden of Spain for good reason.  The local produce, ranging from almonds, to lemons, olives and excellent vegetables is delicious.  We offer a rare opportunity to practice yoga on a beachside location, exploring and enjoying this peaceful corner of Europe.



Your hosts:

This holiday is a true and a rare treasure to find. Beach House Kitchen and Complete Unity Yoga have come together to give you A Taste of Bliss.


Lee Watson author of vegan cookbook Peace and Parsnips

Lee Watson:
Chef and author of the
warmly welcomed cookbook
“Peace and Parsnips” 

Lee is a vegan/ plant-based chef and author of 'Peace & Parsnips' cookbook, co-host of 'Meat vs Veg' TV programme and food writer at beachhousekitchen.com  Lee has worked for years as a restaurant manager and chef in London and around the UK, he has also spent a year working in a restaurant in La Azhoia, the village where our retreat will take place.  
Lee is inspired by creative cooking, food that is decadent and healthy, and is hosting, cooking and speaking at events/ retreats across the UK in 2017/ 18.  Lee loves to explore the 'sweet spot' that exists between healthy and decadent cooking, believing both are ever possible, taking fresh ingredients and transforming them into nutritious and simple dishes that everyone can enjoy.  

See full BIO... 


Jane Legge, moon club, touring USA with the red tent

Jane Legge:

Jane has dedicated the last 6 years of her life to studying and working with the currents of women’s cycles. Her passion is helping to guide and support people towards greater understanding of their natural cycles, the rhythms of life, finding harmony inside and out.
She has travelled extensively throughout the USA, UK and Asia presenting menstrual cycle awareness workshops at events, working with couples and individuals, also promoting the reusable eco-products that are now available. She is a menstruality mentor for Red School and blogs for ‘The Moon and the Womb’ and ‘Woman’s Wheel worldwide – taking the Menstrual Movement on the road’

See full BIO...


Malene Vedel- International Yoga Teacher - Complete Unity Yoga

Malene Vedel: 

Malene Vedel is a compassionate yoga teacher with a professional attitude to her teachings and students.
Yoga and Meditation are her life. From her eyes shine forth a love and interest for the practice. Her work, teachings and writings show a deep and consistent dedication. In her voice you will be sure to feel inspired by her humbleness, gratitude a...

See full BIO...


Will Fisher - International Yoga Teacher - Complete Unity Yoga

Will Fisher:

Will’s devotion and dedication to the Yoga practice vibrates through his voice. His presence in every moment creates feelings of openness, care and comfort.  One year of intense sadhana with his yoga master in India has helped him to reach high levels of joy, clarity, knowledge and wisdom. This we can now all receive and ta..

See full BIO...


Why the fusion:
Because we believe in a sustainability that provides a way of life that:

-Enhances your wellbeing, 

-Finds your inner joy and 

-Expands your awareness so
that you can be the best of you
and inspire others
to do the same

Food is more than carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins. Food is everything you bring into your being. Whether it is what you find in your fridge or scribble in your journal, these are all inputs that get to define who you are and who you will become. We must learn to be the master of our health and happiness. This is why we have created the holiday for you providing:

-Physical Health and Harmony:
With Lee Watson's most amazing cooking our bodies are able to enjoy, digest and purify. Clean food offers a clean body and ensures maximum access to the energy stored in our food.


 -Inner Wellbeing
With yoga and meditation we are able to reach corners of our personality that often seem beyond arm's reach. These practices offer so many benefits and opportunities to let go, heal and empower yourself.


-Community and Connection to Nature:
Social gatherings around the dining table, excursions and absorption into the local nature and landscape will restore and strengthen your relationship to your fellow human beings and your lifelong host: Earth.






Diving / Snorkelling 

Costa Calida is home to two marine reserves offering ideal conditions for divers of all levels. If you're interested in going diving/snorkling during your stay with us, we'd be happy to send you details of a highly recommended English-speaking dive school, so that you can book directly with them in advance. Please email us for more details.


*Because you may be travelling from any where in the world our prices are excluding flights.

*Airport transfers are included in the retreat price, though limited to the first day and last day of retreat.


Terms of Service