What Do I Need For Yoga Class - Top 7 Things You Need To Begin Yoga


What Do I Need For Yoga Class - Top 7 Things You Need to Begin Yoga. Person practising yoga on a red mat

Let’s look at what we need to begin a yoga and meditation practice. 


Before we get there,

YES :), you are right if you are thinking that

you need nothing to start yoga. It is true that the yogis didn’t have any props, mats or apps when they practised yoga. It’s absolutely true that you can begin the practice right now, from wherever you are and you need not to get any items


if we DO invest in the practice then we are able to create a space where we want to move, breathe, relax and meditate. If we take time to arrange a beautiful place in a room that we often spend time in, we are ensuring that we are reminded to practice and that the practice, we, our health and our body REALLY MATTERS! We can set up a space that invites us off the couch and onto the floor. A place that helps us to shut down Instagram and turn on a guided yin yoga sequence or a sound journey. 



Comfort is a great word and a perfect opportunity for you to create a space and a time to engage with the practice. Thereby excuses are less likely to convince you to do something else or nothing. The space you create is a reminder to take care of yourself, your body and your mind so that you have more time and energy to be with the people you love!

It’s like technically you don’t need shoes, but they are very comfortable to wear! 

What Do I Need For Yoga Class - Top 7 Things You Need to Begin Yoga. a person stepping in bubble gum which is nicer experience when wearing shoes



Some yogis live in caves far away from civilisation and some yogis live in the city. Some yogis eat dal and chawal (rice) every day or fast while others eat a plant-based Keto diet. One might call herself a mother, another a father. Some would describe themselves as a yogi others as students. One way is as good as the other if it reminds us and guides us to the practice, again and again....




What Do I Need For Yoga Class - Top 7 Things You Need to Begin Yoga. a group of people doing yoga in a yoga studio




share with you RIGHT NOW the yoga & meditation equipment that has enabled me to experience a deeper and more steady practice. These items are what you need to start yoga today! All of the following books, apps and yoga products you find in my home and they help me to remember the practice and make me inspired to move, breathe and meditate daily. 




What Do I Need For Yoga Class - Top 7 Things You Need to Begin Yoga. Malene Vedel and baby boy Wisdom

Here is my What Do I Need For Yoga Class - Top 7 Things You Need to Begin Yoga



Firstly, a yoga mat!

A yoga mat is great to be able to do yoga anywhere: at home, in the studio and on the go! Yoga mats come in all shapes, thickness and colours. Again the yogis didn’t use mat 1000 years ago. Though shiva (the first-ever yogi), is often portrayed seated on a lion skin. Let’s not go kill more lions, a yoga mat will do just perfect.


Choose one that is eco-friendly and made using natural materials like these ones.


If you have a tendency towards sore joints, it can be good to go for a thicker mat - if you travel a lot choosing a thinner and lighter one can be nice. My favourite yoga mats are these and I have used my mat for 4 years now! It’s lasting incredibly well and the best thing is that it is double-sided! Double-sided means that the yoga mat has a side with an amazing great grip that is perfect for movement, flow, warmer, hot yoga and stronger practices and another side that’s beautiful and soft for your yoga nidra, yin yoga and restorative yoga practices! 


What Do I Need For Yoga Class - Top 7 Things You Need to Begin Yoga. Natural Eco Yoga mat



Secondly - a meditation cushion.

A meditation cushion is like a room. Have you tried walking into a room and you instantly feel calm and comfortable? Yes! Meditation can do the same for you. It ain’t easy to meditate every day, but when I have my cushion with me it reminds me to practice and it reminds me of all the good memories I have made by and from sitting on it meditating. It becomes that safe space for my practice. I have a beautiful cushion that lives in the living room so I see it every day. This is the one I have AND there are so many different prints, check it out!


It’s made from all-natural materials and made and designed by us yogis at Complete Unity Yoga to ensure you a thriving practice! 


Also, a cushion enables me to sit much longer as it lifts the hips above the knees meaning less pressure on the knee joints and the ankles.


With a mat and a cushion you are really set up for a great beginning, now all you need is a practice which is why the next few suggestions to what I need to start yoga is a book and two apps:



What Do I Need For Yoga Class - Top 7 Things You Need to Begin Yoga. meditation cushions and yoga mat




With the mat and the cushion, a space is created for your practice. Next, we need to make time for the practice. For my practice, I always use a timer. To begin with, I had a timer, but I tend to always forget it in the drawer or at home when we travel, but I always have my phone with me. So I decided to look at whether there was a timer app! And I have found a really good and free one. This app is great, first of all, the timer sound is very good, its a classic meditation gong. Further, the app allows one to add preparation time, meditation time and rest time. It is really very good! I always put my phone on flight mode when I practice, to dedicate the time fully to the practice, making it even more meaningful!




What Do I Need For Yoga Class - Top 7 Things You Need to Begin Yoga. happy man holding an alarm clock.





There are so many different styles of yoga out there in the world! It is wonderful and there’s so much to learn, do and places to travel to. It is great to learn yoga from someone, either at a course, a studio or at a retreat. Retreats and courses are great to get a deeper experience, insight and knowledge of the practice. It is much better to learn from someone in person. BUT! I do recommend this book by Judith Hanson Lasater called Relax and Renew. It is a Restorative Yoga book. The poses are so well described. Restorative yoga is a practice that most of us, living in this productive and fast-paced world needs. Bring all your blankets, duvets and cushions to the mat and be creative setting up these poses. The book has sequences to comfort you wherever you are in life! It's such a great book!



What Do I Need For Yoga Class - Top 7 Things You Need to Begin Yoga. sleeping buddha statue




Another practice that’s perfect for a home yoga practice is yin yoga. I use this app ALOT! really a lot! You can also make your own sequences in the app and Magdalena guides you. The app is just so cool, full of delicious sequences. Magdalena Mecweld’s voice is calm and soothing, yet empowering and encouraging! She describes the poses so nicely and the app is just really well designed!



What Do I Need For Yoga Class - Top 7 Things You Need to Begin Yoga. a women practising yin yoga



There are a few more things that I’ve added to my yoga practice since I started. These few things have improved my flow especially for yin yoga and restorative 


3 blocks  and a bolster


With three cork yoga blocks and a bolster, you are well equipped for any restorative and yin yoga practice. The blocks I use to support my knees when in seated poses or when building a restorative chair pose with the bolster as well. The bolster is an essential part of many restorative poses. 


Because many bolsters were too short for Will and I, (we are both pretty regular size and height) we decided to use our experience to design our own yoga bolster that is longer and much more comfortable than the other bolsters on the market. The length means that your spine, neck and head are supported more in laying restorative poses. The extra length makes a big difference!


These are the blocks we use. They are great because, well, first of all, they are 108% made of natural eco cork, they are beautiful and they offer three different height variations. 


What Do I Need For Yoga Class - Top 7 Things You Need to Begin Yoga. a white bolster


A yoga blanket and eye pillow 


Finally, with an eye pillow and a blanket, your practice will feel complete as you can relax into an even deeper experience of restorative poses and the relaxation pose Shavasana. If I only have time for one pose I pretty much always go for a 20 min Shavasana or a restorative chair. If I only have time for one pose it means that I am mega productive and to welcome balance, oxytocin and peace into my life, I take a deep Shavasana or Yoga Nidra (of course using the soft side of my awesome yoga mat) to help me to align and recalibrate my spine. This gets me right back into deep steady breathing, reminding me of where to put my attention and focus in life. 


This is the blanket that we have designed and use! It is so big, warm and soft! the weight of the blanket offers you a nice grounded feeling, keeping you comfortable and relaxed! It also doubles up as the perfect BIG couch-blanket that you can swaddle in while watching a good movie! Have you watched Red Turtle? Or Song of The Sea? Both sweet and beautiful movies!



There we go! You are all set to go! What Do I Need To Start Yoga - the list is now complete!