How To Meditate For Beginners

How To Meditate For Beginners - Complete Unity Yoga

How To Meditate For Beginners

AWESOME you reading this as this means you have taken the step to enquire about how to meditate. 

Meditation is cram-packed full of benefits and has been scientifically proven to positively change your brain and outlook on life. Check out the book Altered Traits (Science Reveals How Meditation Changes Your Mind, Brain, and Body)  by Daniel Goleman & Richard Davidson for more juicy meditation inspiring information on that topic! 

Below you will find some essential steps to how you as a beginner or even regular meditator can ensure you get the most out of your meditation.


How To Meditate For Beginners 


All you need is:

- you

- a timer

- a comfortable seat


Then in three easy steps you are all the way there:

1) Perfect the seat 

2) Entering a meditation state

3) Contemplation


👇 Below each step is elaborated further: 👇

The Seat:

Sit on a firm cushion or on a chair. If on the floor, sit in a simple cross-legged posture. The Complete Unity Yoga Meditation Cushion will definitely help you find some extra comfort. If on a chair, both feet are separated and flat on the floor. It is important to find a pose where you feel steady and comfortable to sit still for some time.

It is essential to keep your neck and trunk a straight line. Whatever pose you are in make sure you sit with the spine erect, allowing it to gently curve its way upwards. Let your eyes gently close and soften your lips. Perhaps your lips are gently closed or slightly separated. Place your hands lightly on the thighs or near the knees. Let your breath flow in and out of your body through the nostrils.


How To Meditate For Beginners - Complete Unity Yoga - Meditation Posture How To Sit In Meditation


Entering a Meditation State:

Begin with a full-body scan. Survey your body systematically starting from the crown of your head. Let your awareness travel body part by body part, offering even more relaxation in each area of your body. Keep the awareness moving slowly over the body, without letting it stay in one place for long. If you lose focus, it's okay, simply return to the breath and go again. The path is the goal and the goal is the path. You are successful!

Relax the forehead, cheeks and jaw. Relax the neck and shoulder. Relax the arms to the fingertips. Mentally return to the shoulders, relaxing them and opening them slightly while lifting the heart/chest towards the sky. Relax the stomach area and abdomen the pelvic area, hips, thighs, knees, calves, ankles and feet.

Come back through the body in the reverse order, returning to the crown of the head.


Awesome!! With practice, you will become more aware of the sensations in your body.

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What is Meditation?

To meditate means to cultivate an understanding of reality and the self. When we meditate we develop a deep sense of genuine well-being and clarity. Meditation is a gradual training of the mind and leads to a contemplative state! 

Contemplation is a way for us to gain insight into the nature of reality. Contemplation is our ability to see ourselves in this world and make sense of it all. Contemplation also gives us the opportunity to live a life of integrity. Further your successful future depends on you to lead the way! Fuzzy goals don't get hit! Through the practice of meditation and by entering into a contemplative state you are able to see your compelling future and set off in the right direction! 


People might tell you that you are crazy, meditating. People might tell you all sorts of things and try and put on to your their own failures, fears and worries. SAY YES TO YOUR COMPELLING FUTURE and the people will follow your example!! 


Which Style Of Meditation Works Best?

Meditations is a way to cultivate a state of mind that empowers you to live an authentic life with integrity! Integrity means that your desires, thoughts and words are aligned. You think, speak and live your truth! A life of integrity first and foremost need us to find out what values we want to nourish and what we want contribute with to this world. Meditation and contemplation gives us a direct way to integrity - and when we aligned with ourselves, our thoughts, words and actions - we are able to experience a whole new level of health, joy and well-being!

To cultivate this contemplative state, you have many options. Some meditation use sounds, some movements, some focus on the breath while other meditations focus on an object. Ultimately they are all good AS LONG AS THEY WORK FOR YOU!


The only successful meditation is the one that YOU PRACTICE and USE! 

woman-in-ocean-at-sunset How To Meditate For Beginners - Complete Unity Yoga

Ultimately the meditation practice is a tool. Here are some examples of meditations:



Observe the inhalations and exhalations in the nostrils and the movement of breath as it flows from the nostrils to below the rib cage (your belly/abdomen).

Breathe without a pause between inhalations and exhalations. Breathe without a sound.

Breath evenly, so that the inhalations and exhalations are of the same (option to use a count of 5, inhaling 5 & exhaling 5)



Focus your mind on the flow of breath along the spine or in the nostrils

Breathe smoothly without a pause, jerk or sound.



Introduce the sound "soham"

With the exhalation, think and mentally repeat the sound "ham" (let the sound of the a resemble the 'a' sound in the English word 'arm")

With the inhalation, think the sound "so" (let the 'o' sound be like the 'o' in the English word 'solar')

Remain with the flow of breath. On each inhale mentally repeat the sound "ham" and with every exhale mentally odder the sound "so". This is the mantra 'soham'. 'So' means 'that' and 'ham' meaning 'I am'. The mantra translates to "I am that" - What 'that' is, only you are able to answer by engaging in this meditation entering a contemplative state of mind. 



How Long Do I Need to Meditate For?

Any of these 3 practices you are free to use for a period of time that suits you best. Most importantly is regularity rather than intensity. It is better to engage with your meditation practice 5 minutes daily rather than 1 hour weekly. WHY? Because it is the regularity that allows you to enter the contemplative state - it is the regularity that reminds you to reflect. Any meditation without reflection is pointless. The meditation is to interrupt any set believes about yourself, the world and your capabilities. Our thoughts are mostly fear-based - a regular meditation practice will allow you to live beyond your thoughts; it will allow you to be the CULTIVATOR of the thoughts that will bring you in the right direction! It is the regularity that reminds you OF YOUR TRUE NATURE








Dedicate a time in the day for your meditation practice, and know that just 5-10 minutes will make you stronger, more efficient, more compassionate, balanced and clear-minded! Set a timer as your meditation begins and stay with the experience until your timer goes off.

You choose the length of your timer. Better to make a choice, and stick with it. This creates a strong WILL POWER! And remember, will power also comes from your community. Find people who you can meditate with and talk to about meditation! It's such a blessing to have like-minded people around!


See you out there!

With Love

Will and Malene