Super Delicious 5 Minute Brownie Bites

Brownie Bite AKA Maya, Vegan Plant Based Sugar Free Treats

I was planning my Specialised Pancha Kosha Yoga Class and felt assured that after the practice, everybody would need a treat to settle back into normal life. 


The Pancha Kosha Class is an epic practice that takes you on a journey to discover the source of your being. Just like anatomists talk of the different layers of tissues, muscle tissues and connective tissues as a way to explain our physical body we in yoga talk about the Pancha (Five) Koshas as a way to explain the different layers/sheaths of our bodily existence.

When you have the chance be sure to come and take part in one of our specialised yoga classes, workshops or retreats. The Pancha Koshas creates an insight into anatomy from a yogic perspective, it is life-enriching, empowering knowledge.

You may even be lucky enough to have one of these treats served :) . But for now, I  will provide you with the recipe so that you can create some healthy treats for you and the whole family. 


This batch makes 25-30 bites. They keep well in the freezer. Just take a few out in the morning, bring them to work or send them with the kids to school. They will be ready and perfect to eat with your lunch or as a pre-lunch snack.

Super Delicious 5 Minute Brownie Bites 

100 g walnuts
100 g hazelnuts 
2 overloaded tbsp cacao powder
2 tbsp peanut butter
1/2 tsp himalayan rock salt
400 g dates


Brownie Bit AKA Maya, Vegan Plant Based Sugar Free Treats


 You Are Gonna Rock It:
1) Add walnuts and hazelnuts to a food processor or a vita mix. Process until a grainy flour-like consistency. Avoid overmixing as the walnuts are quite oily and you want to keep some bite and crunch. 
2) Add cacao powder and salt. Pulse it a few times to mix it in with the nuts.
3) De-pip your dates. Add dates and peanut butter to the food processor / Vita-Mix. Mix until the dough begins to stick together.
4) Shape them into balls. 



I like to avoid snacking while cooking or baking. I only taste the food if it is absolutely necessary. That way I am able to savour the food when it is finished and ready. Though, one or two of these might have slipped down as a shaped them.