A reach out to yoga teachers and students around the world

A reach out to yoga teacher around the world - Complete Unity Yoga - Malene Vedel


The disagreements-scissors

or the glue of new perspectives

Let’s connect with what we have in common rather than letting ourselves get cut into pieces by the disagreements-scissors.


I would like to reach out to the yoga teacher-communities around the world to say Thank You. Thank you for all the great work that you have done, studies and practices that you have been through. It has deeply inspired me to be who I am today, to share yoga and meditation the way I do. Thank you for your effort and knowledge. 

I write this to bring us together. 

I too often when attending classes, workshops or events experience teachers getting caught up in what everyone else is doing wrong and why my style is the right.

The more I study, the less I know, the more I travel, the less I have seen, the more awareness I develop, the less I notice, I have. This makes me feel grounded and humble. I can just imagine how frustrating and stressful it would be if I knew everything. I would limit myself to the knowledge I already have, so no development, I would become stagnant, lose curiosity, become narrow-minded and most of all, be mega annoyed that you guys are not listening to my truth, the truth, not doing what I say.  – What a negative approach on life that would be.

“I know something, and you know something and together we know more”.

"Together" is a key to a happy life. Yoga and meditation, philosophy, psychology, and science are not different armies battling on the field of right and wrong. They are all techniques and methods, tools and equipment to get to know or experience truth and the best way of life. Even politics and the different ministries are not about open war. They are all opportunities to find the best way of life for the country as a community and for the individual.  We are here to strengthen each other. Not tearing each other apart. We are to share, not to live in fear of someone stealing our ideas.

And we have in common, that we all try to do our best and take the right steps.

So I ask you, dearest yoga teacher, keep teaching your powerful practice, keep sharing your beautiful words. But I invite you to join the community. I began with reaching out to the yoga communities, now I’d like to invite you to come together as the community. Whether you are a Forrest teacher, Iyengar or Ashtanga, Hatha or Jivan Mukti, listed here or not listed, I ask you to take the pledge and come together. 

If we speak more about what is right than what is wrong, we are able to move our focus of direction and steer towards joy, peace and harmony. It so simple as Pink Floyd says it:

“Together we stand
divided we fall”

Hey, I know, it isn’t always easy. I am working on it as well, and take myself in from time to time to be referring to some of you guys who are doing things differently to me, and pointing you out. But I have begun to stop myself, and now “the-other-are-doing-it-wrong-habit” is nearly gone.

It is always so much easier to point to a common enemy. When we do that ,we move the attention away from ourselves, which is often what we try to do when we are in situations where we feel weak or insecure or uncomfortable, or seeking power. When you are in situations like that, slow right down. Stop talking and start to breathe. Consider the words before they enter the world, taste them, care for them, listen to them. Speak from a place of kindness and compassion towards yourself and others. Speak with the intention to make people feel good, and empowered, to remind them of how important they are. Speak to people and speak to yourself.

Every time you speak, you stop the breath, the movement of life. It better be powerful what you say, cause you are sacrificing the life given breath. 

But it is okay – let’s change now –  Every problem holds the potential of a solution. Let us change the disagreement-scissors to the glue of new perspectives. Enjoy the moments and parts where we agree, nod along and smile but be ready and strong enough to embrace where we disagree. Let us get that glue out and be willing to add new perspectives to our world so tat we can find the best paths for everybody.