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Premium Eye Pillows

Yoga Eye Pillows - Relaxation Simplified

Relaxation is a state that is easy to talk about, but hard to experience. People take up yoga and meditation to relax their mind and body and ensure overall fitness. Make your yoga, post-yoga, and meditation sessions all the more relaxing with our beautiful eye pillows.

If you are searching for the best eye pillows online, Complete Unity Yoga is the perfect place to be. Make them your companion and get all set to experience their wonders!

One Product, Multiple Benefits

Our yoga eye pillows are one of the best you can find online in the UK and accomplish much more than their name suggests. They can be used on different parts of the body like palms, neck, chest while doing Restorative and Yin yoga. With their help, you can ease the tension in these areas and heal them in collaboration with strategic pressure.

FEATURE #1 The most alluring part is that our premium pillows come with a carry case that elevates their beauty quotient and helps to keep them clean. If you always have hygiene at the back of your mind, we have it all sorted for you! You can easily wash the cover and carry case so that you don’t compromise with your hygiene in any way! 

FEATURE #2: Bring the feeling of a luxurious aromatherapy spa right into your home. Applying a drop of your favourite essential oil to the cover will soothe your senses and leave you even more calm and relaxed.

FEATURE #3: The gentle pressure from the pillows will allow your body to enter a state of deep relaxation and trust. Those days where you are feeling the stress even more intense, you have the option to heat the pillow gently in a microwave. Use the warm pillow in the carry case and place on the stiff areas of your body. Ensure the temperature is suitable before placing it upon your eyes. The warmth of the eye pillow is very calming.

The next time you plan to go on a vacation, don’t forget to keep the pillow in your yoga bag. It will surely help you experience physical and mental relaxation. This will not only enhance your overall productivity but also help you be the most beautiful version of yourself, even when you are away from home.

Get the Best of Style and Quality with Our Attractive Eye Pillows

Once you experience the benefits of these pillows, you’ll acknowledge what you had been missing all this while. When you use them in combination with meditation cushions, you will feel the real charms of meditation and its ability to transform your life.

Make your meditation sessions all the more enriching and peaceful with our pillows. Whether you like to make a statement with vibrant cushions and plain covers or experience the brilliance of classic ones with printed covers, Complete Unity Yoga has you covered. Browse our variety and get the best of style and usefulness by choosing the one that appeals to your taste.


Let your yoga mat breathe, especially when you work a sweat on to it. Wiping your yoga mat with a damp cloth after each yoga class is good though not essential. 

To clean your yoga mat: wipe your yoga mat with a gentle diluted vinegar or lemon warm water solution. This will help to remove any build up of dirt and oils refreshing it ready for your next yoga session.

A 4mm yoga mat is the best yoga mat thickness for most people practicing yoga at home or in the yoga studio. If you would prefer a lightweight yoga mat or if you travel often a 2mm travel yoga mat will be the best yoga mat thickness.

You could say we’re crazy or just yogis head over heels in love with yoga.

Honestly we’ve tried every yoga mat under the sun and nothing beats a non-slip, rubber, jute yoga mat like the Sustainable Non-Slip Jute Yoga Mat CompleteGrip™ 4mm or the Sustainable Non-Slip Jute Travel Yoga Mat CompleteGrip™ 2mm.

All of our yoga mats are easy to use and for all styles and levels of yoga. They are an excellent choice for beginners, people new to yoga, yoga teachers and advanced yogis. These yoga mats will support your evolving yoga journey from beginner to advanced and beyond.

Check out our Ultimate CompleteGrip™ Beginner Yoga Set a complete yoga kit for beginners with everything you need to get started.