How To Do Yoga At Home - A Guide On How To Start Yoga By Yourself

How To Do Yoga At Home - A Guide On How To Start Yoga By Yourself photo

How To Do Yoga At Home

Yes, you are right yoga is amazing and it's jam-packed full of amazing benefits. Those simple twists and stretches done on the yoga mat really pack a fist full of amazing empowering, life-enriching goodness. Yoga can be done anywhere and really you only need a body to do it, of course, there are many amazing products that can support your yoga journey, to help you to deepen your yoga practice but in reality, these are amazing optional extras.

First of all a massive high five to you for taking the time to research about how to do yoga at home.

In this blog post, we will share with you our amazing guide on how to start yoga by yourself. With thousands of hours of yoga and meditation teacher training, we have put our minds together to make sure we offer you the most amazing guide. Make sure you read the whole article and don't miss a thing because this contains essential information the will help you start a yoga practice at home.

Let's get straight to our 5 simple steps for How To Start Yoga At Home By Yourself:

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Step 1. Find Your Why

Take a moment now to just close your eyes and think WHY I want to do yoga at home. Finding out WHY is an essential step in defining an idea, a dream and ensuring it will become reality. By taking a few moments to identify a great WHY starting yoga at home will become effortless. Sit down now and do it, write it down, and if you are doing something else STOP and write it down your why. Find a WHY that will help you be full of desire to do yoga at home and help you to create a mindset of MUST rather than SHOULD.

To help to move away from "should", make sure the WHY is positive, something you gain from yoga! long-lasting changes and dreams in our lives are created and successful when focusing on what we want to manifest rather than what we do not want!

Awesome you are doing great! Let's get to step 2 👇

Step 2. Find Your Where

Now is the time to find out where you are going to do start yoga at home. Do you have a room in mind? Is it a space that will be dedicated specifically to yoga or is it a multi-purpose space? Will your home yoga equipment stay out or will it be put away?

Of course, this can change. In our last apartment, we were fortunate enough to be able to dedicate a whole room to yoga (we did this by not having a living room and instead used our kitchen dining room as our living room. Definitely this may not be for everyone but for us, this was a perfect choice because yoga and meditation is our passion. Now we have moved and have dedicated a space in our living room with a nice view out into the garden.

Get creative, we have been living and staying in the smallest of 1 bedroom setups and have been able to create a yoga space even if it meant moving some furniture around every day for yoga practice, you will be surprised with what you can come up with. Now is a good time to check in that the monkey mind isn't finding excuses as to why you can't do yoga at home 🐵.  

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Now to step 3 👇

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Step 3. Find Your When

What time of day will you do yoga? Will you practice asana in the morning, afternoon or evening? Before breakfast?

Find a time that will be easy to implement and be realistic. It's always best to start with something doable and celebrating your success rather than setting yourself up for failure.

For us, we love to do yoga and meditation first thing in the morning before breakfast on an empty stomach. This way we start the day feeling fresh, empowered and ready for anything and everything.

Step 4 here we come 👇

Step 4. Find Your How

Now, let's think about HOW you would like to do yoga. Would you like to join an online yoga subscription? Are you a yoga YouTuber? Will you flow as you go? Will you design a sequence or use a sequence designed by your teacher

(download our FREE 👉 How To Do Yoga At Home - Yoga Sequence E-Book). 

How To Do Yoga At Home - Yoga Sequence E-Book - Complete Unity Yoga

Of course, this can change from week to week, maybe somedays you fancy trying something new.

Here is our number 1 favourite yoga streaming service which was created by our yoga master from India. Use the code HARIOM to receive a 45-day free trial. You can find more amazing free resources like this on our blog: 

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Yes we made its to step 5  👇

Step 5. Get Started

Set your alarm for tomorrow and make it a recurring one! Smartphones are amazing devices especially when we utilise them to remind us to do the things we love. Get your space ready and purchase any items you would like or think you may need to enable you to get the most out of practising yoga at home. Share your plan with a friend, loved one or family member and ask them to keep you accountable. 

Perfect! together we just made a plan of why, where, when and how to start a yoga practice at home. dreams stay dreams until we make a plan, and boom suddenly dreams become reality!