Gratitude Meditation with Will Fisher

Gratitude Meditation with Will Fisher

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A beautiful guided meditation with Will Fisher co-founder of Complete Unity Yoga. Perfect to accompany your daily routine. The emotion of gratitude is known to have a powerful positive influence on positivity, contentment and appreciation for life. 

This meditation is a great way to start your day. Will Fisher guides you through a simple but powerful technique focusing on gratitude as a key to being your best self. Strengthen relationships with loved ones, colleagues, friends and family today with this meditation and cultivate a deep appreciation for life.

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Reviews from the meditation app Insight Timer:

Carolyn - "Delightful from start to finish - this short meditation was full of gentle guidance that led me to an unexpected well of deep emotion anchored in gratitude"

Karen - "Lovely...with tears of gratitude streaming by the end. Very powerful. Thank You.

Sheila - I truly needed this, Thank you!! We have so many moments to be thankful for, such a warm reminder. I smiled 😀

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