What is kundalini?

What is kundalini?

 Kundalini is an energy within all of us. kundalini is the primal force responsible for all action, movement, change, creativity, and knowledge. In every human, it is active in different degrees and it is through the practice of yoga and meditation we begin to unravel, awaken and manipulate this energy. 



Awakening Kundalini

Kundalini yoga is a rigorous practice specifically directed at awakening this energy. Through fast active movement combined with breath, meditation, mantra, visualisation, and relaxation we begin to work deeply on a subtle level which works to unlock the potential of this energy that lies within all of us.


All great saints, humanitarians, spiritual leader etc demonstrate the transformative power of this energy. I have heard tales of great leaders/humanitarians/mystics only sleeping 2 hours daily, writing over 30 books on profound esoteric topics and the ability to learn a language in 48 hours.


Finding Your Kundalini

Kundalini is said to be situated at the pelvic floor at the root of the spine in the first of the 7 main chakras Muladhara. From here it has the opportunity to transcend up through the 6 other main energy centres (chakras) that are situated along the spine. Each of the energy centres are connected with different lifestyle characteristics, habits and emotional tendencies.


The chakras are uniquely linked with the glands in the physical body giving us the opportunity to purify and balance them by using simple yoga postures and breathing practices. 



Our body is the most incredible gadget/mechanism on this planet and everything
we think, see, smell, taste, touch, say and do has a connection and direct effect on us and the way we live and feel. Yoga is the purification of the accumulation of experiences.


Chakra Colour Shape Mantra  Location  Gland Characteristic Asanas
Muladhara Yellow Square Lam Base of spine Security, stability, confidence

Gomukasana Garudasana

Swadhisthana White Crescent Vam Upper border of sacram Ovaries and testes

Reproductive health, determination, lower will 

Yoga mudra

Manipura Red Triangle Ram Naval Adrenals and pancreas Assertivenes, vitality, anger and jealousy  Paschitmottanasana Dhanurasana
Anahatta Smokey-green Six pointed star Yam Heart level Thymus Compassion, selfless love and empathy Matsyasana Ustrasana
Vishuddha  Blue Circle Ham Throat Thyroid and parathyroid Creativity, devotion, surrender, trust, and openness to higher will Sarvangasana Halasana
Ajna Snow white Shapeless Om

Between eyebrows

Pineal Logical judgment and intuition Shashaungasana Nadi Shodana
Sahasrara Colourless Thosund petaled lotus Soundless Crown of the head Pituitary Ilumination, peace and clarity Sirsasana Padmasana