How To Combat Stress by Emptying a Kitchen Drawer

How To Combat Stress by Emptying a Kitchen Drawer


Okay! So when writing blog posts, that you want people to read, it’s really good to check what we people search on google. The searches we do become keywords that I must try and incorporate into my blog posts so that you are able to find it. If you can’t find my blog, you can’t read it, and that would be such a shame because I am writing to you and with you in my heart and mind!



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With that said, this blog posts does not live up to any keywords, so if you are reading along now, AWESOME! I am delighted you found it because despite the missing keywords and Google-friendly title, I really would like to share this little wisdom with you! And maybe “empty drawer” will become a mega used keyword because of this blog post? You never know!



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I try and combine what interests me with what interests you so that we can find a common ground wherefrom we can share, learn and grow together!


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So so so!


Here we go I am delighted to share with you RIGHT NOW How To Combat Stress by Emptying a Kitchen Drawer


In our kitchen, under the sink, we have an empty drawer. I never thought it was odd or strange because in my family there’s always been an empty drawer in the kitchen. It wasn’t until Will came into my life and pointed out that having an empty drawer isn’t a standard part of all kitchens I realised that it has to be a part of more kitchens!


What is this empty drawer for? Aren’t you just curious?!! I’ll tell you right now:


So you know when you’ve had friends over, or when you cooked yourself an epic meal or it’s Sunday and you haven’t relaxed yet and it’s already Monday tomorrow and it’s making you a bit stressed because the KITCHEN IS A MESS! And even after filling the dishwasher, the kitchen is still full of dirty dishes.



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You know that when we get tired and aren’t responding to our body’s need to sleep? Or when we are stressed and never take the time to relax, we produce adrenaline? That’s the feeling of a ‘kick’ and you can go a few hours, days or weeks more, at least it feels like this, but reality is, your body is struggling! Those are the moments when an empty kitchen drawer can help you!




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Some people relax best after ticking off all their to-do list - others relax before getting on with the to-do list. My life and feeling of life really improved when I deep down realised that as long as I live, there’ll always be another point on my to-do list when I finish one and thank god for that because when we run out of things to do, we are really in a pickle! So keep the jobs, events, exams, holidays, birthdays and parties coming! There’s no need to stress about it, I realised, because they are all actually life and if I can be present my life gets longer. You know, if it’s Wednesday today and one says “tomorrow it’s Thursday, and then the week is already over” - life becomes so short. Reality is, in that example that it’s actually only Wednesday and being present realising that it’s just halfway through. You just made more time just by being present!



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But what about that empty drawer!?


Okay! Well! So we cleaned the kitchen as well as we could, or we need to find a moment to relax, so we meet somewhere in the middle of relaxing after finishing the to-do list and before finishing the to-do list.


I simply use the empty drawer to put away dirty dishes, that either do not fit in the dishwasher because it’s full or because I prioritise not to empty the dishwasher to fill it and rather want to be with my baby boy, walk, read or watch the film I wanted to watch for a long time!



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Isn’t it a bit dangerous to have a space to ‘hideaway’ your dirt and mess?


No! It’s great, just with emotions, sometimes it’s great to talk about them, and it’s very important, and sometimes there’s no need for it and they can step into the background, like the dirty dishes. We really don’t need to deal with them straight away all the time!


Get out to play with your kids, roll out your mat, go swimming or to the cinema! It’s okay!



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I also think that it’s better for the environment and water usages. If you have a dishwasher, it defeats the object if you have to wash a lot of dishes by hand, the dishwasher is much more efficient with water and energy. So save those dirty dishes neatly in the drawer ready to go in the dishwasher tomorrow.


Will have come to love the empty drawer and in our kitchen there’ll always be one of those. That way things aren’t piling up in the sink or on the worktop. You have space to make yourself a lavender tea and go do something that makes you smile!



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Now! Give it a go, it's so simple!


Empty a drawer in your kitchen (what do you have that you never use and perhaps isn’t necessary. Chock it in a bag for the charity shop) wola.


Then get a dishwasher basket that fits in the drawer! Tadaaa! You just created a free-space for yourself!


Love and light!