Gift Guide Christmas 2020 - Supporting Small Independent Businesses

I know, it is so much easier to shop on Most things you need are all available in one place. The present for a dad, a sister, a friend, and a child. In one click, and you have it all at your doorstep.

 Gift Guide Christmas 2020 - Supporting Independent Businesses


Being a small independent business gives an insight into the world of trade, marketing, advertisement and what goes into scaling from small to massive companies.


On one hand, growing into a massive company is awesome. It means that you have more say and influence. I mean imagine if Amazon decided to focus only on environmentally friendly products or on high work ethics? That would rock the world!


We live in a world where it is often about growing bigger, better, and richer. And for sure, we want to make sure, both on a business level and on a personal level, that we continue to grow and learn.


On the other hand, growing a business so big and rich that it can buy all other business in the same industry is not ideal. Or so big that smaller business simply have too close because they can’t live up to the low prices is also scary, because it means that big companies suddenly have more power in politics, law, locally, and worldwide.


Gift Guide Christmas 2020 - Supporting Independent Businesses


SO! Of course, it is easier to get that Christmas presents on one website or in one big shop but maybe your money will be better spent at a small independent family run business?


With the difficulties that the year has brought it is more important than ever to this year, support small independent businesses!


It is a great way to feel more connected with each other. There is a real person at the end of the phone line or replying to your emails. Further, there's a more direct link to the production line, meaning it is more likely to be ethical.

 Gift Guide Christmas 2020 - Supporting Independent Businesses

Here are some of our favorite smaller independent businesses. Of course, I hope, including ourselves, that we all grow bigger so that we can support our family and maybe even create amazing workspaces. Work environments that are rewarding, inspiring, and joyful.


Complete Unity Yoga

As most of you know already we specialise in Eco-friendly yoga and meditation equipment. Our products are loved by teachers and practitioners worldwide.

We created Complete Unity Yoga after being shocked by the shear amount of plastic based yoga and meditation equipment on the market. With a deep urge to offer something far better we created our collection of Eco Yoga and Meditation Equipment using natural eco-friendly fabrics and materials right down to our product packaging.

Our biggest step for us came this year when we launched our collection of NEW CompleteGrip™ Eco Yoga Mats, Natural, durable and eco-friendly. This is the most durable eco yoga mat we have ever made.

Check out our gifts under £50 here. 

Gifts over £50 here.

Gifts over £100 here.


Emily B Yoga

Emb yoga is an online platform teaching foundational and nourishing practices. The classes can be approached as explorations of the bodymind, of the body as the ground of the subconscious where we can find deep connection and healing. It is a place to be curious, to believe in your intuition and let the healing work from within.

Emily now lives in Sweden with her young child and partner, nestled next to the woods. Her approach is for the beginner’s mind, open, creative and joyful. She is offering a special gifting online yoga package which includes 6 x online classes + 1 bonus online 1-1 session. Check them out here.


Positive Outlook Clothing

Positive Outlook Clothing is an awesome small company focusing on comfortable clothing made from environmentally friendly fabric.

Positive Outlook is easy everyday style, on your body and in your mind. Clothes for the doing days, comfort for the chill days, casuals for the nipping out to run some errands days and wear for the days you fancy doing a little more with your body. 

They use a variety of fabrics including organic cotton, hemp, bamboo and tencel. Their clothing is perfect for yoga, meditation, fitness, relaxing and going out! Check them out here.


Wild Fawn Jewellery

Wild Fawn Jewellery focus on eco-friendly handmade jewellery. Their designs are minimally beautiful perfect for everyday use. They believe eco-friendly, ethical jewellery docent need to cost the world.

Wild Fawn jewellery is made to order, by hand, in their South-East London studio and never overproduced – they make enduring minimal designs which are wearable from one season to the next. Check them out here.


Cooking Masala

The traveling world is on standby, affecting local businesses worldwide that were before depending on tourism. We have some friends in India who have had to change their business model to make a living.

Amit and his family grow, harvest, and sell the most amazing spice blends in Rishikesh. They also host cooking classes. I am so delighted to share with you their good news:

When we can’t go to India let us instead of bringing India to us. The best way is to infuse your house with amazing smells from the famous Indian cuisine. Amit and his family will make sure you are on the right track! A fun gift or event this year, a cooking class! For booking contact Amit by email: or Check them out here.