3 M’s Of A Morning Routine

 The three M’s in a successful morning routine: Whether it’s 5 minutes or 5 hours when all these 3 things are there you will feel empowered, joyful and ready for life to unfold at your feet!



3 M’s Of A Morning Routine


And yes! Some days the practice flows and is focused! Other days my mind is taking me on tours into the future or planning dinner or I fall asleep! What to do😂


I agree with Dr. Chatterjee about the 3 M’s in any morning routine. Let’s look closer at what the 3 M’s stand for:



This is your opportunity to relax your five senses. You can meditate, do yoga nidra or pranayama or simply sit with eye closed becoming aware of your body and noticing your breath.



This one is pretty straight forward. Taking time to honour the physical body which is carrying us through a long life. You can do things like yoga,  pilates, Qi gong, rebounding or your preferred movement practice.



This part of your routine is spending time to get your mindset geared up for the day. You can read a few pages or chapters in a book that makes you feel inspired. You can sit and do affirmations or listen to a podcast that reminds you of your power. You can also put your favourite song on and have a little wriggle and a shake. You can also take a cold shower or get into nature.


Mindset practice can also be remembering a moment/event where you felt happy, strong and empowered. Go to that moment in your mind and experience it as it was the first. Notice how those feelings begin to reside in your body again.


Or bring to mind a moment, an experience or a person you are deeply grateful for and sit and let that feeling of gratefulness fill your body.


Whether your practice is 5 minutes or 5 hours incorporating these 3 elements into your morning routine will make a difference🥰