What is Vipassana? - Get Inspired to WHY you MUST DO IT!

What is Vipassana Meditation

What is vipassana meditation and why should I do it?


Have you ever noticed how music can flip your mood upside down? How grey mornings become mystical, life-confirming moments as soon as you plug your headphones in? Or how a smell that travels from distant lands, grabs your waste and drags you along into memories of your first love or that time, as a child, you snuggled deep into your mum's scarf, hiding away in a world so safe, so pure. Do you know the feeling of a taste taking you on adventures into to the future of what you dream your life to be; suddenly you are no longer simply eating a meal, but a whole experience.



Have you ever thought that all these (tasting, hearing, seeing, smelling and feeling) are sense activators and as ever beautiful they might be, they draw you away from the present moment and into spheres of your life that either have passed or are yet to arrive? If we lose track of our senses, they play with our minds and manipulate our present-experience of being alive. Instead they distract us with what could have been or what was. Our 5 senses have the ability to take us far away from reality, and it is highly addictive. 


How do you feel about taking all these substances away for some time? Turning the music off, mute the world for 10 days. Abstain from drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, turn off the internet and to move out of reach? All that keeps you from truly experiencing life. Sounds bloody hard, doesn't it? But I know you can do it! Trust me when I say, that this will be one of the most empowering challenges in your life.



When I was a young girl and I began to have the responsibility of taking myself to and from school instead of being picked up, I felt such freedom. Do you remember when you got your driving license or became comfortable and confident using public transport? Did it feel empowering? Now your parents had to neither take you nor pick you up. You stood on your own feet and literally had more space to walk your own paths.


What if I tell you that you can experience or even reach higher realms of freedom? Would you be ready to take the challenge?


Afterwards, you are able to enjoy life on a whole other level. You learn to master your senses so that they no longer will decide your level of joy. A grey cold morning won't move you into a depressed state of mind, even a smell won't take you away, but rather leave you in the present moment with the memories. A taste will begin to tell stories about your way of perceiving life, your dreams and longings. 


Are you ready to truly stand on your own feet, and take your life the way you wish? To get the strength to do so you simply must join a 10 day Vipassana Meditation Course.


Here you can find more information about these incredible 10 Day Vipassana Meditation Courses that are held worldwide in more than 160 centres, run by volunteers and fulfilled on solely donation basis. AMAZING!



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