Complete Unity Yoga
____ CREDO ____

We are here to enrich lives
To inspire and be inspired

To give and to share
We are human beings. Empowered by yoga. Guided in meditation. Lit by you
In a
world so full of diversity,
remember your contribution is unique
Challenging ourselves 
to have courage to
live, to change
Words are our tools
Our doings and movements 

become our vehicle of expression
of who we are:
More than words. Expansive as the sky. Infinite as the universe
That is you; and that is me

It is so simple, yet so complex
Part by part we assemble knowledge
to experience life’s puzzle

and discover the wisdom that leads to freedom
a freedom to be happy, to live life, to enjoy every day
as it flows
and as wisdom grows we are able to choose 
to be our best

because good enough isn't 
We are employees of the world 
to empower and uplift

We are encouraged 
and we encourage you
To breathe deeper,
feel more, 
live longer
Yoga for You


Welcome to Complete Unity Yoga

We first encountered yoga and meditation while traveling over
land through Asia from New Zealand to Europe.
The history, practices and philosophies of yoga and meditation have
added so much depth and meaning to our lives.
Like when tasting something really delicious,
(it could be a dense chocolate brownie or a
peanut butter rye bread sandwich, ripe mangoes or freshly picked berries),
you just want to share it with everybody so that they can enjoy as much as you.
This is how we got to where we are now:
with a strong desire to give you yoga and meditation for you
to use in your daily life in order to enjoy real peace and harmony
and an empowering life.
These practices are not limited to any body specific
this is for all and we welcome you, from all corners of life to journey with us.


Welcome to Complete Unity Yoga - Yoga and Meditation Retreats around the world

Our Blog

On our Blog, we post recipes and articles that guide you to sustain a yogic lifestyle.
All of our recipes are plant-based and refined sugar-free.
Everything is made from scratch to avoid E numbers and processed foods.
We thrive on this diet and way of living, and we hope you do too.
Most importantly, always listen to your inner teacher.
If something doesn't resonate with you or doesn't feel right, no worries,
change it and find the right way for you.
Keep an open mind, so that you can utilise every moment
and experience to learn and grow.
Draw the corners of your mouth towards the ears - smile, 

Will and Malene