Drop In Yoga Classes

Drop in classes are those beautiful moments where we come together and practice as a
community. Find those free moments in your day and join our yoga classes in Edinburgh,
Glasgow or Stirling.

We are based in Scotland

Malene and Will from Complete Unity Yoga both teach regular yoga classes and workshops
at The Yoga Tree in Stirling
Below you will find class times and class descriptions.

Yoga in Stirling

 Mondays Begin the Week with Style
Classic Flow with Malene
Mindful Flow with Malene


 Wednesdays Mid-Week Refresh
Empowering Wednesdays with Will 9.30am - 10.45am

Class descriptions

Classic Flow

A class that takes you on a journey through asana (postures), pranayama (breath techniques)
and meditation (concentration) leaving you feeling vibrant.


Mindful Flow 

When things are flowing in life it means that things are going well. The reality is that
everything is constantly moving and changing; it is whether we are capable to flow with it
that makes the difference. This class strengthens your mind and body, charges you with joy,
peace, and smiles. This class will make you feel at harmony and balance with yourself and
the world. Begin the week with well-being.


Empowering Wednesdays

Will designs this practice, combining everything you could possibly ever need to set you up
for a strong, fun, caring, energetic, grounding and uplifting day. Every class is uniquely
created to re-centre and connect to a balanced state of mind half way through the week. The
class is safe and challenging for all. Ever been in a situation where you need something but
have no idea what that something is? Then this class is brilliant for you!


Advanced Hatha Yoga

Journey through an uplifting blend of pranayama (breathing techniques), asana (yoga
postures), and relaxation to invite balance and harmony into the body and mind.


Restorative Yin

Focusing on relieving stress and tension in the body and mind. This nourishing practice will
utilise yoga props to support you and enable you to experience a calm and content mind
that is ready for life. All abilities are welcome.