Philosophy Is A Dying Art

Philosophy is not purely ancient scriptures written by (what you have decided to be) important people. If it was so, then philosophy would be a dying art.


Philosophy is a part of everybody’s life. Like the blood circulates in your body and as the heart pumps you full of life, so does the spirit give us the vital passions and will to live this life.


Now; you can be totally oblivious to the fact of the heart and the blood and all the physiological systems in your body, but that doesn’t mean that they stop working and doing their job: you are still breathing, blood is still being circulated to provide nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the body. Likewise, you can be ignorant to the spirit and its vital function, that makes no difference. It is still there. But you can choose awareness and embrace yourself to be the thinking, feeling and conscious human being that you are.

Inside all of us, resides a philosopher, not necessarily the kind that writes and purplish books or texts, but a creative thinking being, eager to know about life.


Philosophy is not something you read, it is something you live.

Let everything you do, buy, say, think, the way you walk, sing, smile, and love be a reflection of a deeper meaning to life.

Then compassion shines from your eyes to let space for every being, living and nonliving. Then infinite joy radiates from your heart so potent that it infuses everything you touch.

You cannot find this through the intellect, you cannot read yourself to this experience.

Yoga is an experiential practice and I deeply believe that the scriptures are meant to guide you in a direction, and to develop the courage to think, feel and realise for yourself. True – they inspire us and share important techniques, but we need to walk the path ourselves.

Ayurveda is the science of life and how to sustain a healthy body so that you can make space for hatha yoga to purify the body and mind in order for you to practice Raja Yoga. Expanding dharana to dhyana and live in samadhi.

Do you still see no philosophy here? – I sense philosophy everywhere.
ૐ ૐ ૐ 
Namasté- enjoy your lifelong studies, you are on an epic path.
You are loved.