It is SUMMER! And it is beautiful! I really LOVE LOVE winter and do miss it during summer time BUT I have just created a RECIPE for this epic HOMEMADE VEGAN SWEET MINTY LIME ICE LOLLY that makes me feel overly excited about summer! ITS A SUPER EASY SMOOTH HOMEMADE ICE LOLLY to cool you down on the hot summers days or during the busy winter season and give you a sweet fresh kick to chill a little more or work a little less :D




When I lived in Varanasi for 1/2 year I drank a lot of this drink called LIMONANA - it was just magical on those extra hot days to cool me down and give me hope for the heat to come to an end. I went to this awesome pizza restaurant with my friends and we drank tons of these. The staff knew us all too well. It was a perfect spot to sit and chill, right by Ganga at Assi Ghat. Here there are always something going on, be it a snake charmer, a heard of buffaloes, a festival, live music or morning laughing yoga! It was just such an awesome experience and now as I have returned home I am craving these memories and why not get making my own limonana to blow wind in the old sails and travel back to my time in Varanasi?

HOMEMADE VEGAN SWEET MINTY LIME ICE LOLLY - Varanasi in India, ghats, buffaloes, festival, and hot

I am so SO excited to share this recipe for HOMEMADE VEGAN SWEET MINTY LIME ICE LOLLY with you! Perhaps you are reading this in wintertime, stumbling across our yoga lifestyle blog, perhaps you have travelled somewhere hot for a holiday or maybe its summer right now where you are. We are so blessed to have connected with so many of you kind souls around the world, so the weather, season and temperatures might vary a bit depending on what side of the world you are at right now. BUT! Non the less, I am an ice cream and ice lolly LOVER and nothing can hold me back from enjoying them SUMMER, WINTER, SPRING OR AUTUMN! 

 HOMEMADE VEGAN SWEET MINTY LIME ICE LOLLY. 4 trees during 4 different seasons



It is super easy to make these HOMEMADE VEGAN SWEET MINTY LIME ICE LOLLY. Make sure you have some lolly shapes for the freezer, grab the following and you are set to go.





 Simply gather:
1/2 honey melon, deseeded and peeled.
3 whole limes, peeled and seeds removed.
1 cup loosely packed fresh mint leaves.
1/4 cup raw cane sugar (or your preferred sweetener. You can add a little extra if you know you are a sweet lover, like 1/3 cup).


 This is how easy it is:
1) Just pop all the ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth, you might need to add a little cold water to get the blender mixing. Just about 1/4cup-2/4. Just a little. You want the mixture quite thick.
2)  Then you taste, add a little more sugar, mint or lime so it suits you perfectly. Blend the last time.
3) Pour into your moulds and freeze 4 hours+.


Enjoy these HOMEMADE VEGAN SWEET MINTY LIME ICE LOLLY in the sun, under the duvet or in a sauna! YUM!