Beauty, Knowledge and Wisdom - A Story

I heard this story on a dark wintery night in Denmark. I was cuddled up in blankets, letting my gaze go on contemplative adventures into the warming light of the electric candle. In that moment I was feeling so utterly at home - a feeling that isn’t bound to a specific location for me, but rather when I am connected to the voice of my beating heart.
This story transfixed my attention and left me smiling. Perhaps it does the same for you and we are able to meet for a moment Right Here.

Beauty, Knowledge and Wisdom. A pen writing “once upon a time”


Let’s get started - come with me to the Far Distance, where the fields grow abundance the the farmers harvest joy. Where the forests takes you on windy roads of dreams coming true and the trees forms paths of ladders into heaven. Right there and then lived an Old Man who had drank from the brew of life, eaten of the plate of eternity and now so full and content approaching his up-coming crossing with a full heart,  a calm mind and a clear gaze. He guarded this Far Distance and upon his leave he urged to find the best person to take on the upkeep of the Far Distance. The Three Ones came to him in the hope of becoming the new guardian. The Old Man wanting to find the best of the three gave them a mission to fulfill.


Beauty, Knowledge and Wisdom. Image of a magical field where a golden path goes through and with a beautiful tree


He took them to the the empty barn and said to them: “who ever can fill this room the most with the least before the next sunrise will become the next guardian of Far Distance”. The Three Ones went of to solve the problem. The Old Man stood back in the empty barn feeling so utterly alone as he had sent them of. The waiting time seemed endless and his full heart started to long, his calm mind began running in all directions and his vision blurred.


 Beaty, knowledge and Wisdom. Image of an old man starring into the horizon. The sun i setting


Just before sunrise The Three Ones returned back. The First One with many full trailer loads. “Old Man, I have taken on the mission and completed it to excellent. I have bought the cheapest hay on the market. It will fill the barn”.


The Second One said loudly: “you will never fill the barn just like I will. I have spend the least and got the most.” He revealed what he had bought: “I have collected all the scraps and the rubbish from town. It will fill the barn to the brim.”


The Old Man looked towards The Third One, who had brought no trailer loads nor any full bags. “Friend” The Old Man said, “did you manage to bring something to fill this barn?”. The Third One reached to the trouser pocket and brought forward a little candle and a match box. In the centre of the barn The Third One lit the candle and the glow spread and filled the barn with light. Then The Third One reached for the other pocket and fetched a little flute. The melodious tones from the flute began to travel in the barn.


 Beauty, Knowledge and Wisdom. Image of a black bird flying with light and music


“My friend,” The Old Man said to The Third One and continued: “you have not solved the mission once, but whole three times. First you fill the barn with light and light is knowledge. Secondly you fill the room with music, and music is beauty. Thirdly when beauty and knowledge meet, wisdom is created. You have truly completed this mission with elegance!”


At this point The Old Mans clear gaze, calm mind and fulfilled heart returned and The Third One became the next guardian of Far Distance, which by the way The Third One renamed “Now Here”.


 Beauty, Knowledge and Wisdom. A magical sunrise on the ocean