What is a yoga retreat?

Yoga retreat woman meditating

What is a yoga retreat? 

Good question! Let's break it down: 
Define Retreat:
“to withdraw or move back”
Define yoga:
“the art of living, being and practising to be the best version of yourself”
(just like the piano player spends a lifetime to become a master of piano)
yoga is the practice to become good at life!
YOGA RETREAT is a combination of withdrawing/moving back
(like going on a sunny holiday in Spain) from your daily life, to do lists,
work schedule, overflowing email inbox, and general demands of human life
to practice the art of living, being, knowing, feeling and understanding.




Is yoga solely a physical practice?

Physical postures are certainly an important part of yoga and a yoga retreat.
We wake up to refresh our bodies and minds, breathe deeply and move gracefully. This works on a physical and mental level, helping to relieve the built up stress and tension that you likely carry with you on a daily basis. 

On a physical level (because of the wet sponge effect) yoga postures work to balance the internal organs and as well as the endocrine system to affect the secretion of hormones. THIS IS AMAZING because it literally means we can design a class, and we do, to specifically make you feel great! 


What to expect?

A positive welcoming environment that welcomes all. Like minded people, delicious, nourishing food. Yoga every day in beautiful locations designed specifically so that you learn and experience firsthand the life-enriching, transformational power of yoga. 

Learn how to be the master of your inner engineering while gathering new lifestyle tips and techniques that you can easily implement and integrate into your daily life. Understand more about yourself and connect deeply with what makes you truly happy in life. Create clarity in the mind to increase productivity and enable you to move towards your life goals and true self.

Stress-free environment and a beautifully curated program including airport transfers, yummy food and comfortable accommodation. Perfect for deep relaxation and the recharging of your batteries.



Yes, that's true Yoga Retreats are often quite transformational. 

Countless time our students share with us the transformational, life-enriching effects our yoga retreats and how their experience has positively influenced their lives.  

A yearly yoga retreat can help to better your relationships with loved ones, family, friends and work colleagues. Strengthen willpower, boost creativity, increase energy, happiness, mentally positivity, productivity, contentment and sense of wellbeing.

Through the practice of yoga, we train our bodies and minds to be equanimous while living within the ever-changing always flowing up and downs of life. 

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