What Is A Digital Detox & How To Do One?

What Is A Digital Detox & How To Do One? - Complete Unity Yoga

What Is a Digital Detox & How To Do One? 


👉 Try this awesome digital detox life hack to recharge and connect deeply with yourself and your loved ones. Maybe you will love your digital detox so much that it will become a weekly ritual! 


In this article we will share what is a digital detox, why digital detoxes are important, how to do a digital detox and what to do while on a digital detox day.


Why Are Digital Detoxes Important? 


Did you know that the average smartphone user touches their phone 2617 times a day? That is every 4 to 6 minutes! Smartphones are such powerful versatile tools but they can be very addictive due to the dopamine released in the brain while using them. Many of us live such fast-paced lives and with the world at our fingertips smartphones often enhance that. 


How To Do A Digital Detox? 


Try this awesome simple digital detox life hack to recharge, be more present with your surroundings and connect more deeply with yourself and your loved ones. Other benefits can include an increased sense of wellbeing, feeling more relaxed and improved concentration. 


Simply choose a day to turn off your phone for 24 hours (yes phone off not just on do not disturb). The weekend is a great time to try this. To make it even more impactful also turn off your computer, tv etc. 


What to do on your digital detox day?


Digital detoxes create time to do the things that you don't have time to do during your regular busy day to day life. Here are our:

Top 12 Activities To Do On A Digital Detox Day

  1. Yoga

  2. Meditation

  3. Walking in nature

  4. Reading a good book

  5. Connecting with loved ones

  6. Reflecting

  7. Gardening

  8. Spa day

  9. Cooking delicious nourishing food

  10. Brunch/lunch/dinner with friends

  11. Bike ride

  12. A one day yoga or meditation retreat.

When’s your next digital day off? We would love to hear about your experience. 


Happy Digital Detox Day 🧡!


Loved What Is A Digital Detox & How To Do One?

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