The Best Homemade Roasted Almond Butter

Almond butter is just delicious. I think that, that is what people eat in heaven, if such one exist. Actually I think that heaven is made of almond butter: organic almond butter made from gently roasted almonds and with a generous dash of coconut oil. But we need not travel to a heaven to indulge in natures treats, all we need is an awesome high-speed blender, and oven, some fresh organic ingredients and this recipe. Then you are all good to go on your Almond Butter adventure!

The Best Homemade Roasted almond butter homemade, Almonds in a glass

Veganism is Expensive?

We live a plant-based lifestyle. This means that we eat a lot of high quality fat and proteins that our body is easily capable of digesting and converting into tons of energy. It also means that we are always looking for the best eco-friendly products. We take these principles into account with our own creation of the products that you will find on this website. Because a happy earth, with happy beings, is a happy planet.


Perhaps some are wondering if it's expensive to follow a plant-based diet. In general, when it comes to life we have no other choice than to spend energy and money. It is the way of life. We are born with a certain amount of energy, and throughout life, we will have to spend it, how we spend it and how we ensure we recharge, that is entirely our choice. When it comes to money, we aren't born with pockets full of it, unfortunately, but we do have to make some throughout life, and inevitably spend it. Money is not a dirty word, Money is a great way for us to share our time and passions, and invest in others time and passions as well. I am aware that money can be used in a negative way, but then, really, it isn't the money that is the problem, it is more the person behind the money, the problem goes beyond money then. But yes, what I am saying is that of course, it is wise to save up and be cautious of how to spend money, but also we shouldn't fear it. What we should do though is to spend it wisely and see money-spendings more than investments instead of a way of entertainment.

Does it sound like a long way of saying that veganism is expensive? What I am trying to say is that when it comes to food, and spending money on food what really is happening when we do this, is an investment. We are investing in the planet and even more so, we are investing in our health. How do you invest your money?

market vegetables - the best homemade almond butter

At the moment Will and I have the means to purchase good quality food, and it is available around us for an affordable price (to us) we have found that switching from a meat-based diet to a plant-based diet saved us money. We don't purchase alcohol and the money we no longer spend on cigarettes have bumped some of our foods up to organic. We are very grateful that we have this choice and are able to make it. We wish that all have the choice to do this. If you are in a position to make this choice, I encourage you to! By bringing more awareness into our life, our diet, our way of living and into the way speak and act we help to empower the world and make it a better place for as many people as possible.


When it comes to nuts, many think of it as unaffordable. Which for sure it can be, but I also just wish to draw to attention that perhaps many are happy to spend £8 on a bottle of wine or a pouch of tobacco, but when the same price is the kilo price for nuts, some might not wish to buy it. It's an investment into your health, and nuts provide you with high-quality fat, vitamins, proteins and minerals.


Almonds more specifically are, besides being full of good quality fat, also a good source of fibre and vitamin E. They lower blood sugar levels and reduce blood pressure and cholesterol. We like to gather Organic Almonds for 8GBP/kg.

money - the best home made roasted almond butter 

Sometimes we make this ALMOND BUTTER, which Will has perfected after many failed attempts. Now we have it down and it is just so so SO GOOD! We hope you feel inspired to invest in your health and that you have the means to do. After all, to engage in a spiritual life, it is important we have an environment around us that supports it. A big step towards a life of happiness, well-being, health and vitality is to eat a diet that is full of nutrients and plants based proteins.


Gallup survey shows that in 2012 an American family (average family size is 3 people) spent $151 (£116)/week on food. Will and I spend under half of that by ensuring we:

- Buy in bulk online

- Buy seasonal fruit and veg

- Shop offers

- Buy mainly whole-foods

- Shop once a week to avoid impulse shopping

- Avoid processed food and snack items

- Make a big batch of raw cakes/bites/treats to keep in the freezer 


And now: the recipe:

 You Need:
600 g Almonds
25 ml Coconut Oil, melted
Pinch of salt
Optional: Your choice of sweetener


 Here Is How You Do It:
1) Turn the oven on 170 c, (without fan). Cover a baking tray with a baking sheet and spread the almond in a single layer
2) Roast the almonds for 5 minutes. Stir the almonds and then roast 5 minutes more.
3) Let the almond cool completely, about 30-45 minutes. This is essential as otherwise, the heat stored in the almonds will overheat the blender. Also, the end result won’t be as smooth if your almonds are hot.
4) Add the almonds to the blender. Blend until smooth. 
5) When the almonds are smooth, add the coconut oil and salt. Blend gently until mixed.
6) You can also add cinnamon if you are a fan or if you prefer it sweet choose a sweetener to add at the end.