How I changed my favourite music and thereby changed my life


How I changed my favourite music and thereby changed my life. note sheet and headphones

How I changed my favourite music and thereby changed my life


When one man sees an opportunity another hits his head against the wall. A cancelled train might be a moment to finish a book or a time of stress that dinner will be late. The way we approach our life affects the way we experience our life. A positive mind creates a positive life. This means that positive thoughts feed joyful emotions. As seasons changes, plants blossom to whither and we grow wiser, we know that nothing is set in this world and that also our state of mind is changeable. For sure most of the responsibility for our mind is ourselves but I would like to add that the current way of life does slip in here, there, now and everywhere playing tricks with our positive minds. A positive mind takes courage and strength but most importantly practice to maintain.


This is why I had to find ways to improve and up-keep a positive mind and find where this positivity leaked from. How I changed my favourite music and thereby changed my life was one the eye-opening ways for me!


How I changed my favourite music and thereby changed my life. sad women spilling out of the tv


A place where we are easily infused with negativity and low-frequency wipes are through the media. Tv and music are present in most of our lives and so they should be! With tv, radio, podcasts and music we are able to learn, share, spread and gain so much. The only problem is that often we are passive in choosing what is played into our ears or viewed in front of our eyes. The media is flooded with bad news and the music is infused with negative language and uninspiring lyrics. This is a BIG area where our positivity floods away from us.


How I changed my favourite music and thereby changed my life. a person with a reflection of the facebook logo in their eyes


Silence Is:

In our family, we have always been comfortable with silence. My dad and I would go for long walks without talking, just being together. When we had things that needed to be expressed and experiences that were in need of words, we would talk. We have the power to speak but if we waste our voice in gossip and drama, our words lose their power. We need the words to maintain their power so we can express when we need and offer change where is needed in the world. Also - speech takes energy. Have you tried a Vipassana? It’s a 10 days silence retreat held all over the world. After 10 days in silence, I realised how tiring it is to speak which made me honour the power, even more, to use it wisely. Also, sounds take up room. During a Vipassana retreat when we were all in silence there were lots of space to sit, walk, stand and eat meals. As soon as we all began talking again it was hard to find a place to sit and suddenly, though the same amount of people, the rooms became so crowded. I would really recommend a Vipassana retreat, just for the experience and as a bonus, you get taught this awesome meditation that you will master at the end of the 10 days. Wow!

Sounds interesting?

Then check out their website here: WORLDWIDE VIPASSANA CENTRES


How I changed my favourite music and thereby changed my life. a beautiful forest path.


I mentioned that tv, radio and media, in general, are awesome sources of the opportunity of growth and learning IF we ACTIVELY choose what is viewed or played to us. Having the tv or radio running in the background to disturb the silence is a way for the negativity to sneak into your mind and in the long run, without realising perhaps, leaving you fearful, worried, angry or sad. Silence is a beautiful sound in itself, interrupting something already so beautiful is a responsibility. Make a playlist if you enjoy the background sounds, or choose podcasts if you enjoy the sounds of voices. Sounds are created of vibrations, if you listen carefully, the experience of sounds is a feeling. Each vibration has the power to put you into different mindsets.


How I changed my favourite music and thereby changed my life - radio signal symbol



Let’s get an example here.

Say you drop your plate on the floor and it smashes. Really imagine this happening. Now loudly utter the word “FUCK!!!”


How does that word sit with you? How are you experiencing the situation? How upset are you that you just dropped your plate?


And again, imaging you are dropping a plate. This time quietly say the word “oops”.


How do you feel? How is the word feeling in your body? Are you experiencing the situation any different?


Just by changing the words you use, you are able to change your experience of situations. What a treat, isn’t it? We have so much more power than we claim!


How I changed my favourite music and thereby changed my life - A man driving a car


Another place you can utilise the power of vibration is in traffic. I reckon a lot of us change personality when driving. The amount of anger in people in cars towards other people in cars, well, is a little funny, I think. I am sure we all have a family member or a friend who is the sweetest and kindest person until they start their car. Or are you perhaps that person yourself? Notice how it makes you feel when giving the finger to someone or swearing at them next you drive. And then try to experiment with a different approach.


This approach I was told about at a yoga festival, and it made me smile and laugh. I would love to give credit to the person who said this, but I simply am unsure, if you know who I can thank this approach for, please do email me and let me know. Okay, now for the approach:


This time when someone isn’t as pro a driver as you, imagining that they are the Dalia Lama. Then say “oh, Mr Dalia Lama, maybe you needed a few more driving lessons”. Then afterwards, imagining everybody is the Dalia Lama and wave people out, when they need space or let them go first, see how people react to you. It is an opportunity for lots of laughter.


How I changed my favourite music and thereby changed my life - Buddhist monks


Back to music, because this is what I would really like to share with you today, how I changed my favourite music and changed my life.


Then the years came when I began to go for parties and out with my friends having awesome times, in relations to that time in life. I was passively dancing and singing along whatever music was played at the parties or in the clubs. Mainly we would be exposed to music like Suspect, L.O.C (two danish bands) and Micheal Jackson and many more artists. And I am not saying it’s all bad music, well, I think most of us are struggling to listen to Michael Jackson now, am I right? All his lyrics are suddenly so inappropriate. Anyway, now when I am thinking back and even listening to some of this music that now has come to remind me of that time in my life, I realise exactly how inappropriate a lot of the lyrics are. A lot of it is very sexist, racist and just completely embarrassing to even think now. So unaware of the music and it’s lyrics impact on me at that time.


The key to how I changed my favourite music and thereby changed my life is moving from passive to active.



How I changed my favourite music and thereby changed my life - is not to let you know how awesome I am, never gossiping, because I DO! But I really try to minimise it, and I still have moments of forgetting and getting lost in very draining conversations, sometimes with others but also within myself. Also, you know all of this already, and the blog post is just a reminder and an outlet for words to be added to the experience.



How I changed my favourite music and thereby changed my life. party in a club with lots of people


Now, I have passed the age where I felt eternal and know that eternity exists only on a spiritual plane, this physical world will vanish as unexplainably as it appeared. I respect the time I have here and with a deep urge and desire to contribute, grow and love I have no more time for music, films and podcasts that leaves me fearful, negative or doubtful of the future. This is where the idea came that by changing my favourite music I had the ability to change my state of mind and thereby my life! And I was right. Simply by engaging actively in what I read, listen to and watch, I have a lot more energy and the up-keep of a positive mind is MUCH EASIER! And I feel inspired to live and add value to the world!


So I thought I wanted to share with you some of the music that I love infusing my life with at the moment. I am sure you have the same experiences of being impacted by the media and are ready to and already are choosing for yourself where to direct your attention. I would love to hear some of the music that inspires you to smile and dance:)


How I changed my favourite music and thereby changed my life - a person playing the harp



Here’s a little list from me. All of the music is available on iTunes and Spotify. A lot of the music is EVEN BETTER LIVE - so if you have the opportunity to go see some of this artist, totally do it. I was so lucky to go to a festival where most of these artists played. We went while I was 4.5 months pregnant and it felt so good to be able to share these beautiful sounds and words with the baby inside the belly.


How I changed my favourite music and thereby changed my life LIST:

Trevor Hall

Ajeet Kaur

Nils Frahm with the album All Melody

Brenda Mcmorrow

The Hanumen

Mirabai Ceiba