Healthy Brain Vegan CHIA Breakfast - Omega3 Infused

GUYS! We got it down! This recipe is a winner and it will make you a WINNER! (not that you can ever lose, especially not in yoga and meditation, BUT still you've got to try this breakfast!)

Easy Vegan Chia Breakfast Omega 3 infused super foods

We are super excited to share this recipe with you because it is too good to keep to ourselves. We have for a long long time been devoted to porridge for breakfast, but, however good it tastes, and warming it is, porridge just doesn't keep us going for long. As we are both living on a plant-based diet, we are always looking for the best options, that are easy, tasty but also full of life and nutritional value. We love this recipe because it is made the night before, kept in the fridge overnight and then ready for the morning. Make it in a jam jar and bring it with you. Easy happy healthy breakfast. Ready when you are! 


Fatty Acids

I went to a lecture by Charlotte Bech, (Charlotte Bech is a doctor of internal medicine as well as an Ayurvedic doctor). She taught us about Omega3 and the best sources to get it from. First of all, it is important that we get the right amount and the best sources of fatty acid because they act as our body's building blocks for hormones. And hormones are just awesome because they keep us hungry, happy and gives us the drive! Basically, hormones are released from our glands and are our Endocrine System. The Endocrine System acts as our bodies messenger system controlling and coordinating activities throughout our body. Pretty important to keep going :)


Alpha-Linolenic acid AKA OMEGA3

OKAY! Back to Omega3! Our body is awesome and is able to create most of the fatty acids by itself apart from alpha-Linolenic acid and Linolenic acid. We are down to just 2 we need to be aware of, and because we get Linolenic acid from most foods, we can also skip any worry about this SO the final one left is the famous alpha-Linolenic acid AKA OMEGA3. 


So where do we get it, fish oil, right?

Well, not exactly, studies show that there are only very small amounts of alpha-Linolenic acid in fish oil. On the other hand, there is a very high amount of stress hormones in fish oil as well as risky levels of mercury. Further, often the fish oil is destroyed by the time it reaches the shelves in the supermarkets. Have you ever had a fish-oil-burb? Just bin that stuff. There are ways of getting this important fatty acid in a very pure, natural form.


Where do we find Omega3?

The highest amount of alpha-Linolenic acid/ Omega3 are found in:


1) Chia
2) Hemp seeds
3) Walnuts
4) Linseeds
5) Evening primrose oil


Let's get these treasures into our diet. I want to move away from both Herbal Medicin and Allopathic Medicin and rather enrich superfoods into my daily diet. When disease enters our body, then definitely we can use medicine, but in our daily life, we want to be free from medicine, substitutes and pills. SO BASICALLY GETTING THE OMEGA3 FROM THE FIRST MEAL IN THE MORNING! It is just awesome! :D



Is this breakfast affordable?

The quick answer is, YES! It is! When you buy food, you invest in your body, your energy level and in a healthy future. So yes, it is so worth prioritizing organic wholesome and nourishing foods. We live in Denmark. Here we are so lucky to have a lot of organic food around us for a good price. We buy the frozen fruits and the chia from Lidl. The milk we make ourselves from cashews. One portion cost us: 1.11 GBP (9.66DKK) and then we add seasonal fruits for about 0.69GBP (5DKK). 

Ingredients - Serves 1 - Preparation EVENING BEFORE
200 ml Almond Milk/Coconut Milk/Cashew Milk (perhaps homemade)
2-3 tbsp frozen blueberries
2-3 tbsp frozen raspberries
2 frozen strawberries
1 tsp cinnamon
2 tbs sweetener (maple syrup, coconut sugar, date syrup)
50 ml of organic chia (3.5 tbsp, 50g)
Seasonal fresh fruit such as banana, kiwi or apple
Optional: Raisins or preferred dried fruits
Optional: 1 tbsp organic cold-pressed linseed oil/mix of cold-pressed linseed oil and Evening primrose oil for an extra omega3 boost. Cold-pressed linseed oil will also do the job.


Method - Night before (Make double portion, so you have for 2 mornings)
1) Mix your choice of vegan milk with your favourite frozen fruits, almonds, sweetener and cold pressed linseed oil. 
2) Add the chia and stir for about a minute. This ensures that the chia doesn't clump together.
3) Place in fridge overnight.
4) Next morning top with sliced fresh fruit, walnuts, dried fruits of your choice of sweetener. If I am feeling for it, I make caramelized bananas for topping. It really is a treat this breakfast and it empowers you to be your best!